7Sins Episode XI Fanservice Review

The Final Arc of 7Sins begins, will the series ever learn to budget properly? Will we have another recap episode next week before the finale? Will it be delayed again!? Your guess is as good as mine.

Things kick off with…..

gotta continually get in dat Blu-ray advertising crawl throughout the entire episode eh? I’m calling it right now, 7Sins is gonna be a flop.


So basically, we get low-tier Vainglory, again…. and more Barbie-doll crotch than a He-Man playset.

Spliced with story you never cared about, featuring characters who haven’t been around long enough to care about, soulless nudity just to check the box, drawn in a hazy/overly-bright art style that never truly has a chance to shine because the show has worse money management than ME!

If your a fan of torture porn, maybe you might get something out of the blood and the tears, I however believe if you hurt the tits, your fucking scum.

Good day Gents.

Twin Sins




Not even an hour after I posted the review….

Allow me to Barnie this for everyone at home, this is a 12 episode Anime…  that came with 5 WEEKS of downtime included before the finale. Remember that. You will get no pity-party from me, if you don’t have the minerals to Make the show, then don’t fucking do it. Hobby Japan figure sales ain’t going to save this production company, no way.