Shinbashi no Miko manga fanservice compilation


Office ladies, shrine maidens, and evil spirits, oh my!

This series was authored by Mitsunaga Yasunori, the same mangaka that created Princess Resurrection. They’ve made some ecchi manga, but have some shounen manga as well, Sadly, this series only received three volumes, and has been in an indefinite hiatus ever since. In the time that the series was being made, it ran in Business Jump as well as Grand Jump PREMIUM. On a side note, Mitsunaga is going to be the author of an upcoming manga, with the artist being Inomaru, a veteran ecchi and hentai mangaka whose manga, Magicalize, is one of my favorite ecchi manga. Here’s the link for more news:


I’m personally excited for this manga, as I’m a fan of both mangakas.


I decided to make a manga comp for this series after the few chapters of the manga that had been scanlated left me desiring more from the series, more so with the main heroine, whose rack was one of the main motivations for my decision to make a manga comp for this series. I decided to make this manga comp for my own personal use, that way I can navigate to it on my phone easily if need be. I found the series to have some great fanservice, both from the office ladies, and the shrine maidens. In terms of nudity, though the manga didn’t offer much, with only some nipples showing every few chapters in each volume. Most of the fanservice comes from cleavage and panty shots (and pantyhose, for those of you that are into those). Nevertheless, this series caught my eye, and I was glad to get the chance to make a manga comp for it.



Volume 1



Volume 2


Volume 3




Download Vol. 1 & 2


Download Vol. 3

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