Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 2

All guns should have clothing dissolving bullets.


This episode focused more on ripped and torn clothing rather then stripping it.


The episode starts with Matome explaining everything about whom they are fighting. Those who get taken over and controlled by weaker demons called Kurobugs become Bugged Ones turning violent and attacking others. Meanwhile those called Hazoku are able to create Bugged Ones on their own by directly turning people into one and making them a much higher class Bugged One which makes them stronger than the standard ones. She being one of the Hazoku means she has that power and she used that power to turn Tamotsu into a high class Bugged One.

I’m going to assume that dark void is meant to be a joke since its not like we haven’t seen her panties already.

Matome tells him that her clan is responsible for defending Akihabara and now that he has been turned into a Bugged One he can no longer leave Akihabara because a force field surrounds the city to prevent Bugged Ones from escaping.

The two of them meet up with the others and head to where Matome is living in an old warehouse for a hobby shop.

A loli professor that helps Matome and presumably lives there with her as well then appears to explain various things to the others. Such as how Bugged Ones created by the Hazoku are considered underlings for them but are granted much more power than the Bugged Ones who are turned due to getting possessed by the Kurobugs.

Since the main character is now a Bugged One that also means that he must avoid having his clothes taken off. The loli professor than explains she made a special shower for cleaning so that the inability to remove clothes isn’t an issue.

Matome tells him that he must join her vigilante group to help defend Akiba since the Bugged Ones will be coming after him now as well. He will also have to live there with her since he can’t leave the city.

The fact that this is the second scene similar to this with the same angle makes me think they were doing that dark void censorship on purpose as sort of a joke.

Arisa also joins after deciding Matome is a good person after having seen in the room that she bought and repaired the figurines she broke before when she attacked Arisa earlier thinking she was a Bugged One.

The other vigilante group then sees them as suspicious because of their involvement in the incidents that happened the day prior before leaving.

Kati cameo from the game and she must now work at a maid cafe I guess. The preview for the next episode shows her as well so she might be a common occurrence. Assuming of course that really is her and not just someone who looks a lot like her.

Notice the girl with black and white hair sitting down? She was in the very beginning of the first episode as well but I figured it was just a one time node so I didn’t point it out but since she has appeared again I’m going to assume they will try to hide her in each episode because of who she is. In case you don’t know she is Acquire-chan and is the mascot character created for the company Acquire whom are the developers of Akiba’s Trip. So that is why you will probably be seeing more of her in each episode I would guess.

So I noticed something during this scene and even went back to look at episode 1 to check it from there since it appeared briefly but you didn’t really get a good look at it till now. Notice something very 80s? Tamotsu’s phone looks just like a cell phone from the 80s did. Obviously its not really an 80s phone since we see him use it for stuff that would not be possible (though that would make for a joke if it did) instead he is using a case on his smartphone to make it look like an 80s phone. This also explains why he got excited at finding all those old cartridge games from the 80s in Matome’s place. In other words he is someone who likes retro stuff from the 80s.

He points out that online news sites are reporting on the fighting that happened yesterday as just cosplayers fighting each other. Matome explains that Kurobugs are used to create more Bugged Ones to function as allies for the organization Metrotica whom want to take over Akihabara for some reason with their headquarters located somewhere hidden in the city. Tamotsu than asks what she does for money and she points out that they get just a small amount from the research institution the professor works at to cover rent but if he wants more than he will need to get a job.

The girl on the right sitting is one of the characters from Akiba’s Trip Festa!.

They are then told by one of the maids where to go in order to get some work. Also Acquire-chan peeking in from the side.

Another character from Akiba’s Trip Festa! Since the game has not started yet like it was supposed to by now it kind of makes these cameos lose impact.

So they go to the agency ran by her to ask for a job and she gives them a flyer for one for a gun and military store. Matome’s device used to track Bugged Ones which looks sort of like a GameBoy for some reason detects signals from the shop giving them reason to check it out.

After arriving the owner starts to attack everyone causing everyone in the store to run only to get taken over by Kurobugs that were waiting. The signal on the device shows that he is the leader and a high class Bugged One so they have to fight him.

Had to go frame by frame to catch that. Also the blurriness is how that frame actually looks so that is the best you can see of that panty shot.

Obvious Final Boss that is secretly watching is obvious.

After they see how strong the main characters are they realize they are the same as them and so they begin to use bullets specially designed to destroy clothing to attack them with forcing them to run away.

After escaping they meet the other vigilante group from before and after explaining to them what is going on the group decides to help them so that they can help protect Akiba as well. As a result they all return to the store to fight again.

I’ll avoid posting the defeat of this episode’s boss since I don’t think anyone wants to see that for obvious reasons.

So I have no idea if he or she is really a he or she. He gets embarrassed by Arisa putting her breasts in his face so that would make it seem like he is a guy though he could just be a lesbian as well and that underwear looks like girls underwear. But he could just be a really convincing trap that cross dresses so that could be why he is wearing girls underwear. But if he was a guy why get embarrassed over being topless and say that “you better take responsibility line”. Then again he or she has no bra so either they don’t wear one because they are a guy or because they are just a flat girl or maybe it just got destroyed in the battle. Or maybe its just easier to say “It a Trap……maybe”. Seriously no one addresses them in a way that gives any indication of their gender and names never mean anything when it comes to guaranteeing a gender.

After the mist clears Tamotsu sees that unlike the others who turn back to normal people after being stripped that those who are high classed Bugged Ones end up dying instead. In other words those taken over by Kurobugs and turned to Bugged Ones don’t die when stripped but those turned into Bugged Ones directly by Hazoku do. Its sort of like how in the game stripping people didn’t kill someone unless they were the main villain or main character since you have to have a way to kill villains and you have to have a way for the main character to lose to get a gameover.

After realizing that his life could end at anytime now he decides he must do everything and buy everything he wants so he has no regrets and heads off to try and get another job.

The Final Boss and a youtube news caster that works for her watch the main characters from the distance while creating a false news report and discussing how to continue to control information. In other words the news guy is trying to convince the public that all these incidents are just random otaku getting into fights so that the public don’t know that something more serious is going on.

Final Boss planning more Final Boss things.



Here is a drawing the Character Designer drew today to celebrate the 2nd episode.



Here are stitches that Sanya made so credit goes to him for these. Click to see full sized.


Based on the preview for the next episode it looks like the format is going to be a monster of the day type format with a different boss each episode. Based on these two episodes and the boss of the next you can probably look at the opening to figure out who is next after each. During the opening when it shows all the enemies it has so far been showing them in the order that they appear. Also next episode looks to take place at the famous Pool which also means bathing suits for the next episode.


You know if Hazoku can’t remove their clothes even to take a bath then how do they reproduce? Actually how do you even go to the bathroom for that matter? Would your dick burn up the second you took it out to go bathroom? If it does then again that brings up the question of how do they reproduce? Seems like a massive punishment that you would never be able to see your waifu naked.