Campione! Fanservice Review Episodes 06-08


Campione vs Campione fight and the typical Beach/onsen episode are the highlights this time.

Character Info

New characters in these episodes:

Arianna Hayama Agliardi: Not really new since she appeared in previous episodes but she has her first brief fanservice scene on episode 08. She’s Erica’s loyal maid and a terrible driver.

Sasha Dejanstahl Voban: Oldest Campione of the series, he’s the one that ordered the kidnapping of Mariya and is also Liliana’s owner.


Episode 06

Flashback of a young Mariya to start.

Godou and Erica are informed about Mariya disappearance.

Voban wants Mariya to summon a god so he can slay him.

Mariya asks Liliana if she’s alright with Voban methods and why she serves him.

After some talk, Voban wants to play a little game with Godou, if they can hide Mariya from him until after 24 hrs, she will be free.

Unfortunately, Voban(in werewolf form) finds them easily.

With the help of Erica Godou manages to escape with her.


Episode 07

Erica manages to escape from Voban dead servants but Liliana appears.

Mariya asks Godou how to make magic work on an Campione but of course she’s to shy for kissing.

Erica making fun of Liliana romance novels was hillarious xD

At the end she convinces her to betray Voban…

Erica don’t lose time


Looks like Mariya liked it.

Episode 08

Beach time and there isn’t a better way of starting it that a boob close-up from Lucretia.

Mairya has such a fine butt .👌

Erica body is pure sex.

Lucretia got jealous?

Onsen time now.

Some yuri is always welcome, Mariya looks cute all blushed 😀


Meanwhile, Erica and Godou are alone in a boat.

Escaping from her should be considered a crime!

Too bad Lucretia’s hair is on the way depriving us of Mariya’s bare ass.

Nice tits.😋

Nice to see Lucretia MILF body again.

Athena seems worried about something….

After receiving a call from Liliana Godou goes with her since there seems to be a god around there.



Episode 06 and 07 are mostly battle focused, fight against the oldest Campione was ok with Mariya finally given her first kiss. Episode 08 had the most service of these bunch with almost all the girls showing themselves specially Mariya.



Album links: 07, 08