Alia’s Carnival! Eroge Compilation – Renders


Eroge girls need love (and fanservice comps) too…

This is not an eroge review.  I haven’t actually played the game.  Rather it’s an eroge compilation.  Of the renders (transparent pngs) to be specific.  I do plan on at least one more fanservice compilation of images from the game but those will be JPG instead of PNG due to large file sizes.  However, the renders have to be uploaded as PNGs due to the transparent backgrounds (alpha channel) so they are in an eroge comp of their own.

Alia’s Carnival! is an eroge from 2014 but I only just found out it from SonanGremory when I posted renders from a just released eroge called Haruoto Alice Gram that I had come across.  Thanks for the tip.  Nice artwork and nice girls!  😉  Interesting enough, there were also renders for Alia’s Carnival!.  Some with nudity even…  Turns out that both eroge’s have the same developer, NanaWind.

Plot synopsis from VNDB:

The Sakumo ward is well known for its cherry blossoms. In recent years, as part of the redevelopment of the ward, an experimental education system was introduced where the students would govern themselves in the newly constructed Sakumodai Gakuin to improve the student life. Those students who are capable and work hard to improve the learning environment would receive various benefits. Also, it seemed that the one with the top results would get a special privilege.


Ren returned to Sakumo ward after a long time away and transferred into the school, reuniting with his timid little sister Karin and childhood friend Shiina, who had grown up to be very beautiful. On his first day at school, he was caught up in some trouble and ended up saving a girl. The girl Asuha asked him to join her club, aim for ALIA and change the school. He was puzzled over her sudden invitation, but was excited that his new school life will be surely be an exciting one.

Anyway, please enjoy the renders of Alia’s Carnival! as found on

Please feel free to add your favorite Alia’s Carnival! images to the comments.  And please leave a comment if there are other eroges that you would like to see a fanservice comp on.