Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episode 6


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Having defeated three of the Supreme Five Swords, the MC garners the attention of the female student body, requiring both Rin and Mary to provide a greater degree of vigilance to ensure that the MC doesn’t increase his harem even further (though they’re clearly just in love with him and wanting him to themselves). One of the Supreme Five Swords, Satori (who made a brief appearance in the last episode), appears to have her own agenda, which starts off with framing the MC with having engaged in coitus with her, indicated through the photo that the MC appears to have unknowingly been in possession of, causing Rin and Mary to immediately lose their trust in the MC (which is clearly part of Satori’s plan to separate the MC from his allies to leave him more vulnerable), and attempt to exact punishment on him, which he runs away from. While escaping, the MC encounters Warabi (Goldilocks), who he explains the situation to, and she proceeds to help him out in finding where the original file of the photo is stored. The MC states that the original photo was censored with light beams to get the fans to pay for the BDs to see his magnum dong in glorious 1080p HD hide the fact that he didn’t have a boner, a fact that he recalls from the time the photo was taken.

To begin the search in the girl’s dormitory, the MC gets himself purposely caught by Rin and Mary, who beat and (unsuccessfully) interrogate him (like the masochistic penguin in the example a few episode back), and afterwards, gets freed by Warabi so that they can begin their search. They search through Satori’s room, but to no avail. Their next stop is the shower room (as Satori is in the middle of a shower, leaving her possessions unguarded), but their search is stopped by one of Satori’s henchmen, and is followed up by an appearance of Satori herself, in her bare birthday outfit.


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To answer the question I brought up earlier, NO, our daring MC does not get his cherry popped. Although, he does get a little something…😉 But that’s for the next review!

So apparently Papa Bear was actually Mama bear. What a foolish blunder I’ve made, even as a joke. And her offspring makes an appearance as well.


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Although the service this episode was small, I still appreciated it. Getting to see Warabi embarrassed, along with the MC’s cheek pressed against her ass cheek was great. Seeing his face when he caught a sight of her panties as she tries to hide him from plain sight by jumping on her pet bear was hilarious as well. I just wish we’d gotten treated to the same sight as him. Man, wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes? I like seeing Warabi embarrassed more than her usual arrogant look. She’s so adorable, yet she gives off a sexy vibe with her sleeveless shirt, and her curvaceous ass. I’ll stop here before I delve any further into loli territory, a land which I am currently foreign to.

With Satori making her appearance, a battle is inevitable. Looks like she’s carrying the file of the photo on a flash drive, which she’s wearing as a necklace (I mean, what else could it possibly be, a condom?). Looks like the service next episode’s bound to be rife with bare bodies (save for visible nipples and nether regions). This battle looks like it’ll be a tough one.. especially when the MC’s opponent is a nude female. That makes it kind of hard to focus your eyes somewhere without appearing vulgar, yet trying not to be caught off-guard… Will the MC manage to come out victorious? Will Satori provide us with some wonderful fanservice with her glamorous body? Stay tuned!