All about Ass – 2nd edition


Another massive hentai installment for my long suffering ass-men brothers.

This one comes exclusively from hentai comics (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST, etc) that were scanned and released in December and January over at  Because they were published in a magazine the censorship levels are a bit higher, but it was still pretty nice seeing a wider variety of new release hentai.  Four-hundred and sixty-three pictures worth (plus one really nice boob shot I couldn’t bring myself to delete).

For those wondering, I am working on an uncensored hentai compilation, and also one for boobs.


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When it comes to ecchi and hentai, there’s a bit of a hierarchy when it comes to sexually stimulating viewers:

  1. Tight fitting clothes
  2. Cleavage
  3. Swimsuits
  4. Bras
  5. Panties
  6. Extremely revealing outfits (Kill la Kill, etc)
  7. Bare butt
  8. Nipples
  9. Pubic hair
  10. Poop-cutter
  11. Baby-maker

Most anime will go as far as level 7.  A few go as far as level 8.  Level 9 is extremely rare outside o