Aika Zero fanservice compilation

 The complete Agent Aika project I’m releasing tomorrow is a uniform 480p, since it would be kind of silly to upscale an hour of sub-480p pixeled video to 1080p just to make the Aika Zero section look it’s best.  As a compromise, I made a separate video just for the Aika Zero section (over 30 minutes in length) that retains its HD 1080p quality.

All about Ass – 1st edition

I like big butts and I cannot lie.  Unfortunately, being an ecchi fan has it’s drawbacks for guys with my preferences.  Japanese censorship laws coupled with the fact that lower body nudity is (rightfully) seen as being much more extreme than mere bare breasts have made it so that even so much as bush or showing more than the mere crease of a backside feels like a revelation in the ecchi genre.