All about Ass – 1st edition


I like big butts and I cannot lie.  Unfortunately, being an ecchi fan has it’s drawbacks for guys with my preferences.  Japanese censorship laws coupled with the fact that lower body nudity is (rightfully) seen as being much more extreme than mere bare breasts have made it so that even so much as bush or showing more than the mere crease of a backside feels like a revelation in the ecchi genre.

But… that’s not so much an issue in hentai manga, hentai comics, doujins, eroge and the hentai animations they’ve inspired.  I’ve said a few times that hentai has it’s uses, for me that basically means getting full nudity (cooch shots are often a package deal as well, which is nice).  If only ecchi would go this far, I wouldn’t even look at hentai.

Here I’ve compiled an ass shot compilation, a way of compensating for the extremely tits-heavy nature of this site.  It is taken from various comics and doujins that are of no particular significance.



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The series contained above:

Torokeru Asobi, by E-Musu Aki

Let’s Play Lovegames Shall We, by Tamaki Nozomu

Tropical Oyako Mix, by Wamusato Haru

Kono Hentai Yarou, by Kabuki Shigeyuki

Nureteru Hitozuma, by Rio Yanagawa

Mellow Eros, by Yuuki Tsumugi


As far as which picks are from which series, I honestly don’t know anymore, but I’ve provided enough clues that the detective work should be pretty easy.

Please don’t ask me for specific fetish related posts, though it’s fine to state them if you wish.  Everyone has their fetish or thing, but I only have so much time, and it’s getting lesser by the day, and I just can’t get around to everything everyone wants.  If you have your own material you can contact me via email and I would certainly consider it for a blog post.

As far as garnering materials, I strongly recommend a wonderful site cleverly named, which is closing in on a terabyte of uploaded hentai material (and has a nice little uncensored collection going).  It’s especially nice if like me, you have a premium Ryushare account.  Best twelve bucks I’ve ever spent.  E-hentai galleries, Hentai Rules, Fakku and Ryuutama are good places to look as well, and all seem to be run by super-chill dudes.

There will be more of these lower body nudity posts in the future.  Believe me when I say that I am just scratching the surface in a vast ocean of print-hentai.