Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episodes 03-04

Ichiko main love interest appears, a masochist dog god and another bath scene in this bunch of episodes.


Character Info

Tsuwabuki Keita: AKA sleepy guy, He’s Ichiko’s classmate and main “love” interest, he works many part-time jobs to sustain his 4 siblings.

Momoo Inugami:Masochistic dog god summoned by Momiji. He’s capable of transforming into a chihuahua and helps Momiji with Ichiko.


Episode 03

Ichiko looks so happy reading Suwano’s letter.

Typical house invasion by Momiji.

Shomin Shorai can be a nice bat too!


Ninja clothes look really good on Ichiko 😍

Suwano tells Ichiko to take care of her friends.

Ichiko thinks but cannot think on any of the men as her friends neither the girls.

Found you Nadeshiko!

Ichiko now wants a boyfriend.

Sleepy guy wakes up finally?

Well at least he was awake for a moment.

Looks like Ichiko chose him!

He left before she could even talk to him,  how rude!

His ID Card was on the ground, that pic xD

Ichiko imagination running wild.

Not the house she was expecting for sure.

Ichiko can be really cute sometimes.

Meanwhile in Ichiko’s mind…

After seeing how much troubles Tsuwabuki family has she decides to give them money but in a prepotent way.

Momiji picking up the money xD.

Tsuwabuki kicked her out of the house, Momiji cosplaying as Tsuwabuki xD

Ichiko is just gorgeous!

Tsuwabuki’s brother that calls Ichiko “Chichiko”wants to buy some cards but doesn’t have enough money.

Super rare card in the first try thanks to Ichiko’s luck.

How can you be so clumsy?

At least he found it.

Oh noes.

Keita is worried about his brother and looks for Ichiko to see if she knows anything.

He tells her that she wasn’t that wrong the other day and he wants to give his brothers a better life.

Ichiko decides to help Tsuwabuki’s brother after using a binbogami item to hear him.

Dont give me orders!

Ichiko comes to save the day and show some cleavage in the process.

Momiji is mad because her items always get broken, they are expensive you know?

3 times this episode? damn i only found 1.

Episode 04

Bobby doesn’t like flat chests!

They have bitten!

But it was not a fish instead it was a masochist dog!

That Momiji outfit xD

Momo is gonna transform! ( DBZ cameo included).

Momo in dog form is really cute .

Momiji sends Momo to steal Ichiko’s positive energy.

Who could say no to those eyes?

Looks like Ichiko can do it

Ichiko’s house sure is a mess, Momo follows her.

Sneaky attack while sleeping.

Nope, don’t underestimate Ichiko’s luck!

Momiji’s Ichiko cosplay is almost perfect chest is the only thing missing.

Momo keeps having fun with Ichiko.

Ichiko seems unusually happy and Momo notices that.

She’s reading something.. what could it be?

They were Suwano letters.

Teacher Momiji lessons.

Lucky dog!

Box with Suwano letters is missing, looks like cleaners throw it into the trash.

Poor Ichiko.😥

Looks like Momo noticed that Ichiko has a heart after all.

Lucky dog again, Ichiko is really hot 😍

Really wish the soap to go away!

That smile.

If Momo gets too excited he returns to his human form.

Ichiko rage!

Momo is enjoying it xD

Bobby joins the fray!

Really, Damn soap.

Bye-bye Bobby

Momiji joins too, more punishment for Momo.

Missed Nadeshiko again T_T



Episode 3 with Tsuwabuki official introduction was ok and we could see his bonds with his siblings plus more of Ichiko’s sensitive side. Episode 4 continue showing Ichiko more human side as well as Momo and Momiji who starts caring about Ichiko plus an amazing bath scene.


Binbogami ga! was really a surprise, didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series as well and some nice ecchi scenes along with a really nice artwork and comedy. Almost all the characters are likeable with the Main duo(Ichiko&Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish,if you like a comedy with some romantic,ecchi and feels moments dont hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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