Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 9&10

Our final heroine has arrived.

It’s our third and final heroine, Kyouko Touno! This female heroine follows the childhood friend route.  Kyouko, has been a childhood friend to Kamita since kindergarten. Over the years they have remained somewhat close but, things are about to get real close. Anyhow, Kyouko, is now a first year in high school and realizes she’s still too childish. She wants to grow and become a woman before her childhood friend. However, things are easier said than done.

Things on the service side got a bit interesting this time around. We’ll start off from the top here with a cosplaying scene. Shota Kamita dresses up as a magical girl and shows a whole lot of skin from below. That’s right our MC shows the first up-skirt shot of the show! Kyouko, also has a cosplay scene later on. She shows off an impressive amount of navel and midriff with a great amount of exposed thighs.  And finally, I found the dialogue of these pass 2 episodes to be especially naughty. The most consistent fetish throughout this series has been about deer’s. Yeah, a very specific one but, it’s all over the place in, Seiren. And as always our MC is just plain lewd being himself. Hopefully, more to come in our final 2 episodes.


Episode 9 caps and stitches.


Yeah, pretty much how I feel when viewing, Seiren.


Episode 10 caps and stitches.



New ED, for a new heroine:


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One final review remains for, Seiren. Look forward to it and hope for a solid ending!