Burn Up! W fanservice compilation

When crime and terrorism go out of control in Tokyo, the police unleash Team Warrior – a band of highly-skilled female cops. Featuring loose cannon Rio, triggerhappy Maya and ace hacker Lilica.

Burn Up! W The Second entry in the Burn Up! franchise was released back in 1996. Maki, Reimi, and Yuka from the original OVA were replaced… or rather updated with the trio of Rio, Maya, and Lilica. This particular take of the Warrior Team would later be reused in the great “Sequel” Burn Up! Excess which aired the next year… sadly though these designs were changed… I mean butchered in Scramble.

Warriors first two episodes are great, sadly though the third episode kicks off a plot development culminating in one of Rio’s close friend killed and the Police Station being overtaken by a group of terrorists. Bad thing is fanservice becomes scarce Ep.3 itself has almost no decent scenes. Ep.4 does have a couple good scenes. Oh well compiling the original OVA and Warrior is really just a formality… I mean I figure if I’m going to do Excess I may as well do the first two entries since they are pretty short.


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DDL: 480p