Kimisen Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Accidental “nude” scene from best girl

by “nude” I mean, showing basically nothing with a towel covering her boobs and not even a visible shot of her ass. So not a nude scene at all. But by Kimisen standards thus far it may as well count for that. An improvement over what has been given the last two episodes and hopefully a sign of more to come.

Plot wise, the cast goes to a casino for a reason that I’m honestly not sure of. I’ve kinda reached the point where i’m fading in and out of the show, save for fanservice bits and romantic developments. Does not seem to be a harem to my disappointment, generic MC-kun is headed for a collision course with Alice.

Mismis is one of those compulsive gamblers who thinks they’re never behind and the next draw will net them a fortune. Needless to say that does not occur for best girl.

Had a chance to do a closeup of two girls with massive tits hugging for fanservice purposes. Instead its just this zoomed out shot with minimal animation. Not ideal. New girl is cute though.


You could probably combine the episode 2 and 3 posts together and there wouldn’t be a more impactful shot than Mismis exiting the shower. Idk if that’s more so damning of how lackluster the prior episodes were or impressive of how hot she is, even without actually showing anything.

The light novel has a beach episode, with images such as this representing that

fingers crossed this is on the horizon soon

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