Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi gets a pv



Starting a new saved data in real life.


Redo of Healer has now finally gotten a pv and some other information on it’s airing which is in January. We also see that there are plans for it to air on AT-X but more on that later.


So for those that have not read the manga or LN the plot is essentially the main character redoing the past 4 years of his life but with the knowledge of what happens so he can get revenge on those that wronged him in the original timeline. The following is the backstory for what happens setting up the plot. This mostly occurs in the first chapter so don’t worry about spoilers I just added some other world lore that is also revealed during the first few chapters as well. Long description but it gives you a basic idea of what to expect plotwise from this. Skip it if you want to go in completely blind though.

The world functions like a fantasy jrpg world with levels, ranks, classes and such. When someone turns 14 they are finally given their rank and class in a ceremony which determines their abilities. The main character Keyaru ends up being told he has the Hero rank which is rare that only 10 others in the world have it. A Hero rank means he has no level cap unlike other people so there is no limit to his power and on top of which he can increase someone else’s level cap through semen. His job class he gets is also Healer and with the combination of both this makes him an exceptionally good healer able to heal stuff others cannot along with some other abilities. He can drain xp from others and learn their skills when using healing on them for example. Due to the Hero class being so rare he is instantly sought after by the princess of the kingdom to join her party which is trying to stop the demon lord. Excited at this opportunity he does and says goodbye to his village as they know someone from their village will be helping to save the world.

The princess however upon learning his powers becomes disgusted with him for being simply a healer as she and others view healers as worthless. This eventually leads to the main character being treated like shit to the point that he is drugged and made addicted to the drug so they can force him to do whatever they want. He is then forced to use his healing powers all the time even though the downside to his powers is that he needs to relive and experience the pain that the person he is healing went through damaging his mental health. Meanwhile he is raped by those in the castle constantly all looking to increase their level cap. He is treated like an inferior animal and beaten and abused all the time. This includes constant rapes from the gay male villain in the princess’s party and beaten by the lesbian party member out of jealously since she likes the princess but said princess shows special attention to him. The princess treats him like her personal dog by doing things like forcing him to eat her out after pouring the drug he is addicted to in her vagina. In short the main character is put through massive hell by shitty people.

When they reach the demon lord the princess’s party members lose. However the main character a year prior to this became immune to the drugs they were giving him and he pretended to still be under control all the while increasing his power secretly by using drain and other skills he learned. This leads to him revealing that he has returned to is senses and taking out the demon lord’s army and killing the demon lord herself. When she dies he also obtains the philosopher’s stone which functioned as her heart and is capable of giving anyone immense power. He points out this was the princess’s real goal and the only reason she wanted to stop the demon lord was to get it and use it to take over the world herself. In short the princess is the true main villain. Before she can get it he uses the stone to give himself the ability to heal the world which will reset it back to shortly before his 14th birthday allowing him the chance to redo everything and get his revenge.

This is where the story’s main plot begins with the main character waking up a week before the princess arrival to take him away. He begins to plot out how he can do things differently to get his revenge. It’s important to note this is more the equivalent of starting a brand new playthrough in an rpg rather than a new game plus mode. The main character is reset all the way back to the start and the only thing he has still with him is his knowledge of the future and his basic starting abilities so he is still too weak to do anything. However that knowledge is all he really needs much like how a second playthrough of an rpg is easier than the first because you know what to expect and how certain abilities work and the best ones, where certain items, sidequests, and other things are, and essentially will be able to create the best build now.

We see this at the start with the main character doing things such as using his knowledge of a location nearby to pretty much complete a sidequest to gain the ability to read people’s stats hence his green glowing eye power you see in promotional stuff. This unique ability he gains he uses a lot in plotting how to proceed based on the knowing the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents.. He also starts eating poison mushrooms in the forest in order to build up his resistance to the drugs he knows he is going to be forced on later. He also has full understanding of his powers such as his drain and steal abilities which allows him to start draining and copying the abilities of others right from the start so he can slowly increase his stats while also gaining top sword skills and the like. This is pretty much the gist of how the plot plays out. The main character is out for revenge against these people for what they did knowing they are horrible people. He then uses his knowledge of future events so he can eventually escape and plot his revenge while recruiting others to help him.


Character profiles for the characters have also been updated on the main site.


The main princess and the primary target of the main character’s revenge. The second pic is her different form he gives changes her to with his powers after wiping her memories and then convincing her that she is his lover and servant.

A swordswoman that is from a noble family that works for the kingdom.

Wolf girl who had her race attacked by the kingdom’s soldiers and sold off till the main character buys her so she can get her revenge.

The demon lord before she becomes the demon lord. Since the main character is now 4 years in the past. Wants revenge for her specific race being hunted and killed by the current demon lord.

One of the other main villains that is part of the princess’s party. Is a lesbian that is in love with princess and also has a hobby of hunting girls she considers cute at bars and then drugging and raping them.

The younger sister of the princess and psychotic to the point of being the only person the main character fears.


Plenty of things to say about this and hopes for it. So the first thing you probably will notice in the manga is that despite it’s content all the nudity is like barbie dolls. This was always a really odd thing to me for them to do considering they are showing on screen sex but can’t show nipples. The LN does a similar thing but with light beams. Regardless we might not have to worry about this since TNK is doing the show and we know they have no issue with nudity and it is possible they could add nudity in the anime version. We saw this recently with Peter Grill in which the manga is non nude but the anime added nudity instead. So hopefully TNK takes a cue from that studio and does the same thing.

To give you an idea of what to expect in the show here are some pages from the manga adaption showing some of the parts that are most interesting.



Also there is the other thing which is the big one and that is praying this is not toned down. Something to address first is that all the violent rape you hear from people hating on the series claiming is the whole thing is overblown. Yes there is rape but there is also a lot of normal sex scenes as well as the main character fucks his harem constantly because that is how he increases their level cap. Yet the rape is all you will probably see haters mention acting as if that is all the manga is when it’s not. If you don’t mind spoilers then in terms of the normal sex scenes we should get (though you can be sure certain people will still find ways to complain about these as well) if they follow in the steps of the manga are the following: Main character fucks the princess in her new form as she becomes his lover, fucks the wolf girl to power her up, fucks wolf girl again after she falls in love with him, fucks princess and wolf girl both in a lake, fucks swordman woman, fucks both princess and wolfgirl together in a tent, fucks wolf girl again next to sleeping demon lord, And that should be all of them based on how far they cover.

In terms of the rape most of it is directed at actually shitty people. There is an instance of us seeing an innocent woman raped and the person that does so gets what they deserve later. The lesbian villain is also stated to do so to women she drugs as well. But in terms of the rest of the rape it is directed at the villains because these villains that get it have committed the same thing. It is pretty much giving shitty people a taste of their own medicine. There is also the main character getting raped as well by soldiers and another male villain though there is also a female warrior that works as a maid that rapes him as well really early on. (They better keep this scene in because reverse rape is hot and I will continue to wish for an anime filled with hot women raping men). But the point is don’t let anyone tell you this show is just rape only by cherry picking select parts out of it because it’s not as there is more to it besides that. The series has some brutal and dark parts which set it apart from others but it’s not without some reason for it or context.

There actually is some interesting stuff here and I do legitimately like the manga because of some of it. The main character does actually showcase cunning and intelligence in what he does. The story is about revenge and taking down a corrupt kingdom but he actually has to put some thought into doing it and how to go about it so this does have some effort put to it’s plot making you curious as to what his next actions are to accomplish his goal. He recruits people in his party that also want revenge against others so he knows he can trust them to do what he says if he promises to help them with it. He knows there are others stronger than him and has to use various tricks or planning in order to get over these issues and does strategize his next movements. There are other times where his abilities do make him overpowered for the situation but that is probably supposed to be the irony of it all. Healers are considered the weakest by people so being in truth the most broken class due to their abilities is fitting. In short there is actually some interesting merits here that seem to get overlooked in the sea of people just calling the whole thing edgy.

Plus having a main character that isn’t some 100 percent good guy is what I like seeing more of. He even comes to terms with this later admitting that he has lost his humanity and compassion because of what he has went through. The desire for revenge and what it does to one’s sanity does present itself throughout as you do get to see the main character start to become more brutal as things go along because of it. So if you are sick of main characters that try to play the better man and not go all out on rotten people that deserve it you get the opposite of that here. The key visual they just released is hilariously misleading though compared to how dark the story really gets which is funny assuming they are doing that on purpose but really hope it’s not a sign of things being toned down.


With all that said there are some things to be concerned about. The director has not had a main directing role before it appears and has only had some episode directing roles previously. What concerns me though is that one of them was Dorei-ku which also had TNK co-animating it. The manga for that had plenty of sexual content including on screen rape and yet the anime removed it or kept it off screen. This makes me worried for this as I fear any sex scenes be they the consensual ones or the rape stuff will end up cut or implied instead. This show is going to cause certain people to screech loud and I really hope they don’t tone this down to appease them as the brutality of this series is what helps set it apart from others. Ideally if in the event they do remove this stuff I really hope they include it as BD bonus footage instead of just removing it altogether. TNK is no stranger to that at least as season 2 of DxD had extra footage BD scenes that they used in place of specials back then so maybe the same will happen here. This pv didn’t show us much in terms of content either to get an idea of what to expect in regards to sexual content so until we see a second one will have no way to gauge it.

Another worry is that the series started as a web novel that got a LN and manga adaption which means the anime could use that original source to justify not showing the stuff we really want to see. This is probably my biggest fear and that is they use the excuse the manga was more visual as a creative choice but they aren’t going to follow that same creative logic and thus make everything implied offscreen instead. It is going to really suck if all we get out of this is nudity and no on screen sex and it is done as a fade to black or cut away screen.

Finally the one good news though is the AT-X listing in the pv. Something to point out first is to be cautiously optimistic about this because though there is an info page already it is incomplete. There is a page up on AT-X now which is odd as we don’t usually get this 3 months in advance but it’s clear it’s unfinished as a specific date and time are not included. Also not included is a parental lock but like I said it is incomplete so things may not be finalized yet explaining it not being there so it could show up later when we get closer to airing. This has happened before with other shows which didn’t have it initially when the page first went up but did later on so hopefully that happens here but for now just hope for the best till we get confirmation. The showcasing of the atx info page even on the front page of atx makes me wonder though. Could this make things more promising since they feel the need to advertise it so far in advance. It feels like they really want people to know about that atx airing. Ranking wise it is already the 2nd most viewed page on their ranking chart on the side so it is certainly getting a lot of interest. So only time will tell if there is more to this than that.

The show starts in January so I’m kind of hoping for a 2nd pv which shows us more of the content to expect sometime in december maybe. So until then just have to keep a lookout for any interviews or maybe staff comments that might indicate what to expect. The only thing we can expect for sure currently is a massive massive amount of salt when this airs. Will end up being a show in itself.


If they take the on screen rape parts away I would be fine with that as long as they leave at least the maid raping the main character intact as my dick requires it. Also they better not remove any of the other sex scenes or I’ll rage when I cover this. And holy fuck they better not be static images like in IR because my fucking anger at that if they do.