Highschool of the Dead OVA Fanservice Review

Zombies and Titties. Best combination

A revisiting of this classic ecchi thriller felt appropriate for a halloween themed post. There’s nothing remotely scary about HOTD, as you probably know, but it’s got zombies and titites so that was enough motivation for a post.

Highschool of the Dead does already have a fanservice compilation on this site, courtesy of Wizard of course. But what you don’t get from those comps are high quality stitches, screens and webms media with minimal compression. This is generally the point of FS reviews.

The OVA starts with a brief recap of the TV series. Entirely focused on fanservice of course.

‘member this scene? titties matrix dodging bullet fire. good times.

Curiously, only the sensei is shown fully nude (nipples) in HOTD. And in this OVA no one is. But it’s still good anyways.

Never really got why this girl was in the show. I mean even if you want to say she’s the loli representative I don’t remember her being lewded much. Dog is cute tho.

Busujima was like half the anime communities waifu back when this anime was relevant. Including me. Nowadays I’d lean towards sensei and her preposterous melons, as that seems to be the direction I’ve trended in life.

I tried pretty hard to avoid fanservice shots of Takashi, who wearing a thong in 99% of this episode. But then I’d miss Saya in her bikini. Tough decision.

I remember the Busujima x Takashi ship reaching critical mass during this OVA that appeared to settle the love triangle forever.  Maybe it’s been too long, but I completely forgot who these older women characters even were to the story.

and now, here are some token Zombie related screenshots just to say “this is totally a halloween themed post and not an excuse to make HOTD media ten years post release…”

This OVA was only 14 minutes long, but delivered 100 something screenshots and some dozen webms. Not bad. Will I do a full review of this show? Maybe, if just for the sensei and Busujima and nostalgia. But no plans so far. Happy Halloween.

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