Cutey Honey Fanservice AMV

Unlike most of my recent AMVs, this one is an actual direct excerpt from the final video.  After compiling all the fanservice clips as I normally would in the project, I had a special section near the end that replayed all of the Cutie Honey’s R-rated transformations, which is what you see here.  After that I had another montage that played all the nude transformations in slow motion.

Mahoromatic Fanservice AMV

I remember watching this show in the early 2000s when it was brand new and thinking even then that this was an incredibly nostalgic show.  This is slice-of-life done right, in a “remember the good times” kind of way that reminded me some of Maison Ikkoku, except with quasi-mech battles, a much higher volume of nudity, and plenty of GAINAX zaniness.

Green Green Fanservice AMV

Normally I try to put a little effort into these music videos to make them feel like an actual AMV, but I took the lazy route this time and just ran a section of the video to music without syncing anything at all.  Here’s the good news, it’s 100% from the nude section it’s over 6 minutes long.  It even has one of the sex scenes in there.  So it’s not all bad.  🙂