7Sins Episode XII Fanservice Review

The Final Episode….             OVER 3 weeks later.

I’d like to make something clear before we get this train-wreck cleared from the train yard.

I appreciate the nudity in this show, although I believe it has no Soul.

I loved the art, when it had occasion to show itself and not be affected by overly bright coloring and budgetary issues. (Seriously, why is this show so fucking bright?)

and I thought the Sins were enjoyable, even though they barely had any time on screen.


Are you noticing a pattern yet? Well, I will Barnie it for everyone out there, this isn’t a matter of the show having Pros and Cons… This is a matter of every Con getting in the way of the show’s Pros before they even have time to bloom.

Every good thing you could say about this show always has a negative caveat to go with it, and not one to be mentioned on the side. Rather a negative which directly impacts the enjoyment of the positive.

Occasional glimpses of THICC perfection, marred by soulless nudity, awkward animation and anatomy at times, and some of the worst budgetary issues for a studio production it has ever been my misfortune to sit through… remember episode 11? Over 3 Weeks Ago…

Characters have their own unique flair, but aside from Pride, Envy, and Vainglory never get the screen time to be fleshed out or shine…

An intriguing plot to say the least, bogged down by horrible direction, awkward and sometimes unappealing attempts at fanservice, and let’s never forget…. those FUCKING budgetary issues, delaying this last episode Over 3 weeks from episode 11.

Let’s get into what we can.

Well it starts out well enough for Aika’s nipple-less tastes

No where near Hoods-tier tits, but I’ll take what I can get it’s been over 7 years since Seikon first started airing, learn to fucking draw nipples for fuck sake….

At least Michael fans might get something this episode, maybe.

why is this show so bright, were neon colors cheaper?

At least for one scene it seems like they might have used the past 3 weeks well… fantastic ass shot.

I take it back…

How many beams of light can one show have to cover for lack of budget? Well sit tight, this episode is full of them…

really, it’s like playing “I Spy”, except you look for tricks that they used to hide the fucking budget issues, keep a running tally, post it in the comments.

Have some more brightly colored power-ups!!!!!

Oh shit, best girl got a hold of her, prepare for some EPIC ecch-…..

Oh, just more neon power-ups….

I’m so sorry you got stuck in this show Lust, you and your body deserved better.

At least Michael knows what to do with Lolis, get them the fuck out.

Those of you in the future who came to this show after seeing the 2017 article archive image… the Gluttony service ends here, in this moment.

Need a hand?

Between episode 11 and this one you’d expect this show to be 50% gore fetish…..

You want new ecchi? Nope, have some flashback tits

This show wants to be gore porn

…. this show, wants to be fucking gore porn. I doubt those waiting all series for some Michael nudity will be too pleased with this scene.

Your…. your really trying to get me to feel something this late in the game? better luck next anime….


Here’s your Michael end card, at this point I don’t want to see a 7Virtues anime, I don’t want to see the heavenly virtues be treated the way the Sins were in this show, Especially if the same broke-ass studio is behind it…





The greatest praise I can give this show is that it was overall a disappointment; which may make you think “How is saying it was disappointing, praising it?”, well….

The fact that I could even BE disappointed in it shows it at one point really impressed me.

Look at my comments before it started airing, I straight up said I was putting my hype to the side, hoping to not suffer the same pain I did with Valkyrie Drive.

If you don’t get hype, you can’t be disappointed.

Well it happened, after episode 3’s stellar ecchi showing with Lust I broke my rule, and got hype as a motherfucker. Go back and read my review for episode 3, it was a great fucking episode. So I’m being honest when I say, this show being a disappointment is the highest praise I can give it.

But still, a disappointment isn’t topping Seikon or any of the rest of my top ecchi. And my slow descent into ecchi hopelessness continues……….

I’ll be making an overall series review once all the BD’s and specials are released, but so far this show isn’t even shaping up to be a Manyuu ringer saved by godlike specials.

Oh, and for some context, because I love context…. here is a picture outlining the type of artistic improvement Hoods was capable of for Manyuu back in 2011; between the series proper and the specials.


Think 7Sins can work the same magic? Guess time will tell.

Keep praying for ecchi, it needs the help right now. In a solemn sendoff to the series proper, let’s enjoy a moment from the best episode.



Hail Lust, the one Sin all of us here can get behind…