Made in Abyss Review Episodes 3&4

Delving into the abyss has begun.

Well, our decent has finally begun. Everything going fine so far… Anyhow, episodes 3 and 4 covered chapters 6 through 10. Well most of 10, it stopped right as they entered the 2nd layer of the abyss. So far the anime has been mostly faithful to the manga. There’s a few pages/panels that do get left out. What they seem to be doing is expending the adventure into the abyss. The manga can go quite fast at times. In the anime they really like to show you the journey which is nice at times. The scenery porn is top notch for sure. These episodes may of seemed slow to some, but things are going to be picking up starting next episode. Enjoy!


Episode 3:

Guess we’re never seeing Riko’s panties.


Episode 4:

Shota fans rejoice!

2 years worth of semen.

Everyone just wants to see that Reg dick.





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Next week we should be getting this in some form. Hope for the best!


I look forward to the next review. We’ll be seeing the results of the first encounter within the abyss and Ozen. Ozen, is personally a favorite character of mine, so I hope they do her justice.