Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episodes 03-04

3rd year Pandoras start making their move.

Episode 03

Ganessa is still recovering from her fight with Satellizer.

Burger Queen, interesting name.

Satella is an usual customer of Burger Queen.

Satella remembers some bad experiences from the past…

I like this Stella cute mode.

3rd year Miyabi shows up, she is interested in Kazuya.

Nice lips!

Don’t touch my beta boy!

Nice camera angle there! Looks like Miyabi is strong.

Eyecatches continue to be good.

Interesting hobby, she sure seems to be very experienced with men.

I love all the pantsu shots this ep had.

Miyabi is angry now.

That ass!

Having 3 limiters seems very unfair.

That face tells me something bad is gonna happen to Satella..

  It can be bad for her but good for us.

Miyabi is very skilled in boob groping.

Satella nipples looks smaller here or it is just me?

Looks like Miyabi hasn’t got enough yet.

Such a nice view of Satella’s butt!
Poor Satella.

Looks like MC-kun is doing something :O.

Payback time, Miyabi better run.

Chiffon and Ticy arrive just in time, nice view of Satellizer tits.

In the end,  it was Kazuya who convinces her to stop.

White haired girl is looking at them again.

Girl’s name is Ingrid Bernstein, another 3rd year Pandora, she is also known as the Guardian of Order.

It didn’t take that much time to see her panties.

Ingrid is informed of Satellizer latest actions, she sees it as a disrespect to the senpai Pandoras.


Episode 04

Episode starts with a flashback.

First Ingrid bath scene, such a great body.


Sensei has some nice rack.

Nice crotch.

Ingrid gives Satella some time to find a Limiter, then they will have a fight.

Bath time again, this time is Satella’s turn.

Too bad this had those water reflections.

Satella really loves plushies.

Nice detail on that nipple bump.

That’s not the face you should have.


Satella rejects Kazuya offering of being her limiter and decides to fight alone.


Fight begins.

So that’s how Chiffon sleeps, sexy!

Satella is no match for Ingrid.


So many weak points LOL.

Kazuya comes to help Satella.

The main reason of why she doesn’t want Kazuya as her  limiter is that she is afraid of the baptize.

Kazuya being able to cast Freezing fields without being baptized is a great notice for Satella.

Satella finally manages to hit Ingrid.

Ganessa was in the same platoon as Ingrid when Ingrid’s friend died, she tells Kazuya the story.

Ingrid’s Limiter is down.

Ingrid refuses to lose and enters Pandora Mode.

Satellizer is defeated too.

Kazuya and Ganessa tell Ingrid that her friend wanted to protect the 1st year Pandoras more than anything else. Ingrid admits she was wrong in her methods.

And with Satella blushing,  the episode ends.




Episode 03 showed that Satella is starting to care about Kazuya more and more as well as more of her cute side, we got some really nice fanservice in her battle against Miyabi and even some yuri which is always welcome.

Episode 04 introduced the second redhead of the series, Ingrid, a cold pandora that is determined to keep order in the academy at all costs because of a tragic past experience. On fanservice terms we got 2 great shower scenes and various nipples and pantsu during the whole fight, there is still one more redhead Pandora to appear to complete an amazing redhead trio.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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