Fuuka Fanservice Review Episode 9 & 10

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Manga spoilers herein.

Yuu and Koyuki go on a date, which Yuu takes little initiative on. Fuuka gets jealous of Yuu and Koyuki’s closeness, and she struggles to write a song. There were only about 10 seconds of heavily censored service in these episodes.

Caps and Stitches

Episode 9

Episode 10

Fuuka’s getting jealous.

Sisters wearing too much clothes.

Yuu checks in on Fuuka.

Tama checks in on Yuu. Riveting stuff.

Another bath scene that’ll hopefully have nipples on the BD.

Thank GOD for the censor magic skirt. We wouldn’t want her panties to show again. Good call, Director-san. Consistency is overrated anyway.

The moment we’ve been waiting for.

How was she able to tell that her strap fell off?

Wooooo, here he comes!! Truck-kun about to fuck some shit up!!


Wait, what…

She lived?! To be honest, getting hit by a random truck, as she does in the manga, was a pretty stupid plot twist. Thankfully the anime is taking a different route.

They perform, and everyone loves them.

Fuuka wants to leave the band now because we need more drama to pad this show out until the last episode.


It’s anyone’s guess now how this is going to turn out. I hope Fuuka’s head gets pulled out of her own ass in the next episode at least. It’s a selfish, dick move to break up the band as soon as it starts because of her feelings for Yuu.