Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 9 TV Fanservice Review

Finally! The episode we’ve been waiting for!

That’s right! It’s an onsen episode, but only Darkness and Megumin participated… However, to make up for that, we got a new female character with a curvaceous body! Look forward to that!

Still miffed at what happened in the last episode, Kazuma storms into the church and demands to see the person in charge. He finds Aqua conducting confessional hearings for the citizens. The gang then heads back to the inn and Kazuma decides to take a dip first. There, he meets a voluptuous woman and her male companion. Soon after that, Darkness and Megumin enter the bath, which is separated by a wooden barricade (such a pity!). Naturally, Kazuma listens in on their shenanigans. He tries to be discreet about it but he got found out anyway!

Meanwhile, Aqua finds herself under intense scrutiny from the citizens after being accused of continuously purifying the water in the hot springs into regular water. Even though she tries fervently to clarify her identity as the goddess of water, the citizens remain incredulous. Instead, they declare her to be part of the Devil King’s army and launches a full on attack on Kazuma and gang!

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Konosuba season 2 has had some great moments of animation, and this episode definitely showcased that. Kudos to Studio Deen. The bath scenes were definitely visually and aesthetically pleasing. That being said, I can’t believe they chose to commit the cardinal sin of leaving out Aqua and Wiz in the bath scenes…

So was this week’s episode the penultimate episode of this season? It could be. But I definitely hope not.

Now everyone, remember, whenever you face troubles or are led astray in life, don’t forget the chant: “Eris pads her breasts”.