Ikkitousen manga fanservice compilation

The anime series inspired by this manga is the longest running borderline hentai anime series of all time.  The manga is more violent and a bit more “artsy” with the service, but still an amazing work.



Due to the publisher going out of print, Ikkitousen had to switch magazines last year.  Upon switching, the series was renamed Shin Ikkitousen which is a direct continuation of the Ikkitousen manga.  This compilation covers all volumes up to the switch and rename.

Ikkitousen was westernized under the alternate title of Battle Vixens.

Previously this manga compilation had been posted up to volume 20, but it used mostly low quality scans and was compiled in an unorganized fashion.  I redid the compilation using mostly raw tankobon source, switching a few times to scanlated sources when the scanlated quality was better, and included the “final” four volumes of the original series as well.


Ikkitousen (24 volumes, complete)