Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episode 05

De-arimasu girl is here!

Episode 05

Name is Rana Linchen, she is a Pandora from the Tibet.

Random girl pantsu.

Satella wants to confirm something about Kazuya.

Being touched by him doesn’t make her feel bad so she asks him to be her Limiter.

Rana arrives at West Genetics looking for her soul-mate.

Satellizer invites Kazuya to her room this night in what is called “First room invitation” a tradition between Pandora and Limiter.

Rana was lost but luckily for her Kazuya appeared.

Kazuya asks Arthur how his first room visit with Ganessa was.

As you can see, it was a completely fail.

Meanwhile, Satella is getting ready for the long awaited night.

I prefer the dress at the right.

These are three Pandora’s that lost against Satellizer at the Carnival, they now look for revenge with her new announced Limiter.

Kaho tried to help Kazuya but a frist year can’t do that much here.

First time we see Kaho nipples.

Poor Kaho.

Looks like Rana found her soulmate( a Limiter basically) and comes to the rescue.

Rana sure is strong.

Looks like Satella finally choose a dress.

Too bad she is told that Kazuya is in the hospital.

Kaho tells Rana that she is a Pandora just like her.

These are the rest of the 3 year Pandora’s, we will see more of them in the next ep,their arc starts.

Blonde girl is Elizabeth Mably, one of the most powerful Pandoras of West Genetics and the leader of the 3rd years group, she also tends to be nude lots of time, not complaining.


Mostly a build up episode, Rana’s introduction and the Kaho fight was far different than in the manga but honestly i think i prefer the anime version more. Satella delivered someĀ  fanservice with her changing clothes scenes and we finally saw Kaho nipples, Elizabeth introduces herself fully naked.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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