Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 4

Even traps get angry if someone tries to touch their waifu.


This episode had it’s minute of extra content from the r18 version right at the start. Overall this episode was probably the most tame so far but fortunately the end implies that we may get back to some decent service next week.


The episode sort of starts up from the previous one though it seems odd that shizuka is now wearing a shirt when the previous episode ended with her down to her bra and panties. I guess we are supposed to assume they just randomly stopped for a minute so she could put a shirt on and then resumed or something. Doesn’t really make sense but regardless Ryou continues to do stuff to her in the dressing room for a bit.

Shizuka yells at ryou because of him doing stuff to her all the time and how she doesn’t find it right because they aren’t together in the first place and thinks he is just using her. He tells her that isn’t true and gets ready to kiss her only to instead trick her into thinking he was doing that and in reality he just untied her hair to see what it looks like down.

Ryou tells her to wear those clothes out since he is going to go pay for them and then they can go buy underwear next before he leaves.

Ryou goes to change out of his clothes since he has gotten too hot and sweaty in them. He also regrets doing what he did to shizuka in the dressing room since he didn’t plan on doing that but couldn’t hold back.

She looks a lot better with her hair down.

While shizuka is waiting outside for ryou she starts thinking about what he said and if he really meant it when he said he was serious about her. Suddenly some men show up and start harassing her asking if she is alone and when she tells them no they question her on if she is with a man or woman confusing her on how to answer. She panics as they get more aggressive and try to take her with them.

Ryou shows up in time to chase the men away and save her. He tells her he is sorry for causing her to go through that since he was late but she blames herself instead but thanks him for helping her. Ryou then uses that opportunity to tell her that he does like her and what he said earlier wasn’t a lie.

As ryou is confessing to shizuka some girls recognize him and point him out to the others. He gets worried because he doesn’t want those girls to see shizuka and remember what she looks like for reasons that will soon be clear. So he grabs her and runs so they can get away.

After getting away ryou tells her that he has some girls that are obsessed with him so he has to be careful whenever he is out so they don’t see him. This is why he didn’t want shizuka to be seen since obviously if a group of fan girls knew about her then she would be at risk. This also explains why he dresses like a woman in the first place and that is so he can avoid being spotted by all the fan girls he has.

As they are hiding they hear the girls getting closer to them. Looking around ryou sees a love hotel close by and realizes they can go there to hide and grabs shizuka and they run towards it ending the episode.


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This episode seemed to be one more focused on story this time as it not only had ryou start to admit having feelings for shizuka but more importantly this episode explained why he has to dress like a woman in the first place which is of course the whole plot point of the show. Though this episode may not have had a lot of service this time it did provide a setup for hopefully more service next week. Since they are heading towards a love hotel at the end to hide we can assume what may happen there and hopefully this provides us with a decent amount of service as a result. In souryo the sex started around the halfway point so we may be getting close to the same thing here in maybe the next episode or the one after that which will be the halfway point.

I really hope shizuka keeps her hair down for the rest of the show since long hair on girls is always better than short hair. Also speaking of hentai I have to get my july post done quick because it is super late.