New Game!! Fanservice Review Episodes 1-3

New Game!!, round 2!!

Well, Doga Kobo, has blessed us with another round of, New Game! Prepare yourselves for Aoba and the gang to do new and exciting things around the gaming office. Season 2 begins a lot like the previous one. However, instead of Fairies Story 3 we’re starting from scratch with a brand new game! A new game also calls for new service. So far we’ve been given a lengthy scene by, Kou. If you’re familiar with this character habits then you’ll be seeing her skirt/pants-less during the early mornings. Aoba, also takes a stab at some early service with some sexy animal cosplay. Overall, things look to be going well for the season season of, New Game!! Enjoy!


Episode 1:


Episode 2: I have to same among all the New Game episodes this one felt really out of place. Prepare for drama, but it ends well.


Episode 3:

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And more still to come…