Infinite Stratos fanservice compilation

At the IS Academy students are training to become pilots for the Infinite Stratos weapon system. It so happens that this system can only be operated by females, with the exception of Orimura Ichika.

Based on a series of Light Novels, This adaptation was helmed by 8-Bit in 2011. I’m not really a big fan of IS while I feel it does a lot of things right like Great Character Designs, Great Voice-Acting, and What is at least above average animation. IS botches quite a lot More Importantly a very low amount of fanservice. You may not notice it but IS. Only has about one good ecchi scene every 2 episodes, Meaning every BD Disc. For the rest were left with crappy dialogue and one of the worst harem protagonist ever. As for the heroines most of them are grossly under-developed The only character in this entire season that had development and hogged almost every great Fanservice scene was Charlotte. Her inception in the show was what kept me from dropping this initially… BEST GIRL. Then there’s the actual Pilot Suits, The suits are skintight and… are cop-out service. I mean if there always in it then it kinda loses its charm its like Witchblade or Needless if a character is almost always in an outfit that can be seen as Service then it gets old real fast… Charlotte Best Girl though.


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