Kimisen Episode 7-8 Fanservice Review

Still Exists!

Still no bathing episode in sight. And no improvement in fanservice since episode 1. Service has declined if anything. But….Alice is still cute so she salvages the reviews somewhat.

kimisen does a lot of things wrong. and it probably won’t be successful commercially because of those flaws. but they at least have done a decent job of making this girl look irresistible in a dress. whether or not she should be wearing that dress is another conversation.

nothing is shown here except for Alice rubbing her right arm in bathwater…what the actual fuck.

no ass shots because that is too perverted for kimisen. only bare backs and open blouse cleavage are allowed.

I’m not even pretending to know what is happening in Kimisen anymore. Lost interest in the story back in episode…3? Probably earlier than that. Still has my interest for the distant potential of Alice in a bathing suit. Still holding out hope for a beach episode.

There’s a chance I combine episodes 9-12 in a final review, if the service doesn’t improve (probably too late for that). I know most don’t care about this show, and I kinda don’t either, but out of pride I must finish it. So we’re gonna do that and hope for the best.

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