Kämpfer fanservice compilation

Senou Natsuru one morning wakes up and finds himself turned into a beautiful girl. He has been chosen to be a Kämpfer, who has to fight other Kämpfer.

Kämpfer a novel by Toshihiko Tsukiji recieved an anime adaptation helmed by Nomad back in 2009. It later received 2 more episodes in 2011. Senou Natsuru discovers he must take part in battle with other Kämpfer (The German Word for Warrior) however only Women can participate in said confrontation, meaning Natsuru can only use his abilities when he is in his female form. Along the way he meets several other Kämpfer. This show does have some nudity a very small amount in some of the extras From 13:53 to 15:03. Other than that the rest are blanks even in für die Liebe no nipples are shown.


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