Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 5


Getting a sword waifu.


This episode manages to cover all the way up to Kureha joining. So this week we get the threesome with Flare and Setsuna along with some extra stuff in it and also the scene with Kureha which has been changed somewhat as well. This week is mainly vanilla probably to prepare you for what is about to come up next.


Kureha overhears some soldiers talking about how someone using her sword techniques which are only taught to her family had attacked the kingdom’s soldiers as she heads off to search for them.

Freiya and Setsuna go into the lake to bath as Keyaru decides he will take part as well and does stuff to Setsuna while asking Freiya to come over and help. So this scene skips the context for this which the manga shows. In the manga Freiya has gotten dirty doing some stuff as Keyaru asks Setsuna to start training her in physical combat since being a magic user she needs to learn that stuff due to it being her weakness. This part is later mentioned in the episode and is moved to a different scene. In order to clean up the dirt on Freiya is when they go into the lake which leads into this scene.

Making her practice eating pussy for when she has to do it to her sister’s.

After finishing fucking Setsuna, Freiya says she wants a turn as well. The anime actually adds some extra scenes here by having Setsuna do some stuff to Freiya while this is going on. However there is also a change here as well that denies us nudity potential. In the manga they are still wearing clothes at first but then Keyaru takes Setsuna’s off and Freiya does the same thing. Her are some examples.

Wish they had kept them naked during this scene instead but I’m assuming they changed this in order to cater to those with a wet see through clothes fetish. They added extra scenes but then took away the nudity during it. Monkey paw wishes when it comes to asking for new content.

After finishing up at the lake they head back to the city only to be harrased by a homeless guy wanting to buy Setsuna. When Keyaru uses his powers to see his memories he sees that he is one of the soldiers that attacked Setsuna’s village and survived by running. Keyaru mentions how the kingdom has a rule about killing those that retreat and gives Setsuna permission to kill him. This scene is original and seems to replace the scene in the manga were they note that a large amount of soldiers are in the city suddenly which was a hint about how they were looking for Keyaru and already discovered what happened back at the castle. The next scenes are also different from the manga as well.

Keyaru meets with the merchant from before so he can get payment one last time before they leave the city for good plus knowing they cured the sickness the potions will be useless soon. The merchant tells him he wants Keyaru to teach him the recipe as he has others that want it as well. Keyaru refuses to as the merchant calls over more of his men to threaten him while calling Keyaru by his Keyarga name which he never told him before. He calls the merchant by his real name as well to scare him and says he is more than willing to kill all of them. When they threaten Freiya and Setsuna he doesn’t care stating they are his weapons and would be willing to sacrifice them if needed to kill everyone in there.

As they get ready to fight Keyaru says he rather not damage his weapons on something that minor and agrees to sell him the recipe for 500 gold and the merchant pays. After they leave Keyaru tells the others not to worry and that the merchant didn’t win since not only will everyone be cured naturally soon anyway but even if they do make the recipe they won’t have the antibodies Keyaru has that are needed to make the potion work so in the end they got screwed out of 500 gold and the higher ranked merchants that the guy was working for will be pissed and the merchant will get what he deserves then.

This entire scene was different from the manga. In that they are attacked by the merchant’s bodyguards outside without even having met him yet. After killing them the merchant appears with more and threatens Keyaru to make potions for them forever or else they will hurt Freiya and Setsuna. He ignores it and instead threatens to kill the merchant by showing how strong he is and tells him to leave. The merchant and his remaining guards then run off. So the stuff about screwing him over to get extra gold was added here.

As they are leaving they suddenly get attacked by Kureha. She tells him she heard that someone using her sword techniques had attacked the ice wolf tribe and killed all the kingdom’s soldiers protecting the village. In the manga she also mentions having seen Keyaru kill those merchant bodyguards using her sword skills which is how she knew he was the right person. In the anime she just randomly knew he was the one. Setsuna and Freiya tell her that she was told lies and that Keyaru saved the village but she doesn’t believe them and says that he must have brainwashed both of them and continues her attack.

When Freiya tries to attack Kureha with magic she gets knocked out by her causing Keyaru to now have a reason to fight Kureha for hurting one of his toys as previously he didn’t want to fight her. He tells Setsuna to take care of Freiya and not interfere as he fights Kureha. Eventually he is able to destroy her sword using alchemy and healing himself from any injures she gives him as she realizes there is something different about him. Also they removed some rpg talk that is present in the manga. Not anything too major but right before fighting her Keyaru uses his healing to allow himself to redistribute his attributes and he changes them based on what her stats are after he scans her to better fight her. In this case he changes his stats to max out defense so that he can tank her hits instead of being killed in one hit.

During the fight he throws an aphrodisiac at her which slowly starts to affect her making her lose her balance. She then starts to stab herself to distract herself from it so she can keep fighting.

Eventually he runs towards her and let’s her cut off his arm to serve as a distraction so he can put his hand on her and then show her the memories of everything that happened to the ice wolf tribe. After getting hit with these at once she passes out as he wins the fight.

When they get back he heals Kureha of her injuries while telling Setsuna to train Freiya in close combat later so what happened earlier can be avoided again. This was what originally was talked about in the scene they skipped at the beginning. Keyaru then asks Freiya to do what he wants as he changes her form back into Flare. When Kureha wakes up he tells her what the memories he showed her were and how the kingdom really goes around kidnapping demihumans to use as slaves and how even she has had to have seen all the demislaves in the capital before. He then shows her his true face as he changes back to Keyaru. When she yells at him for killing Flare he tells her she didn’t die as she refuses to believe him.

Freiya then comes into the room looking like Flare to explain things to her. Flare tells her that the two of them were researching into the wrong doings of the kingdom and when Leonard discovered they were he locked Keyaru up and tried to kill Flare but she was saved by Keyaru and is only alive thanks to him. She says they are now going on a quest to save the world and saving the village was true and one of the earlier things they did. She then asks Kureha to join them and help fight the kingdom and leaves the choice up to her to decide as she leaves.

Kureha says she is sorry for what she did and she will join them now but also wants to repay Keyaru for everything he did. Since she is still under the effect of the aphrodisiac from earlier and the new one Keyaru has already opened filling the air she decides to do this with free pussy. However the scene is different here than what the manga did. Not only in content but they kind of remove Keyaru’s inner talk about how he will use his hypnosis power to make her hallucinate her love for him making it that she essentially falls in love with him which he can use to his advantage to make her follow his orders. Here they make it seem like she is doing this all on her own and even though they do show the aphrodisiac bottle some people might not be able to connect the dots. Essentially they made this scene seem less manipulative than it was in the manga.

The following ends up much different.


After fucking her he says how after this she will now be under his control and will do what he wants due to her loyalty. In the manga he mentions how he will keep doing this in order to change her to how he wants. Like I said they kind of toned down what his real intentions with the whole scene were. They made it seem full vanilla while skipping over that he actually uses the situation to manipulate her with her powers to make her become loyal to him by creating that false love in her head.

The other really notable visual change though is that the scene was just like last week changed to missionary. I’m guessing this change has something to do with how they changed this scene’s overall mood so they wanted to make it seem more romantic I guess. Wish they would had made it longer though because the actual sex part of the scene is insanely short. Seriously is only a few seconds. Here is the manga version of the scene.

I really wonder what other changes they might be planning for future sex scenes. Also they removed her scars in the anime version. I suppose it could be argued that they were healed when he used his powers on her though.

Meanwhile we see Leonard after having captured the villagers from Keyaru’s village. They actually skipped a bunch of stuff with him in this episode so seeing them just skip to that part will probably confuse people if they don’t tell it next episode especially his injury. There is a scene where he burn’s his face with a rod from the fireplace because of how much he hates Keyaru and hates looking like him which explains the bandage. He then talks about going after his village next. Kind of wondering how they will show what is about to happen next episode since we are sort of seeing it in real time here while in the manga it is told in a flashback by him after the fact. And with this the episode ends.



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Probably the episode with the most differences so far. The good is that they were willing to add extra content to the earlier threesome scene. But the bad or at least for those of us that prefer nudity over clothed sex they removed the nudity from the scene and went with wet clothes instead which if you are into that it would be a positive then I guess. They also added some new scenes and changed some around plotwise. And even completely changing Kureha’s sex scene in terms of mood and visuals. Will be funny if they did all this vanilla stuff to throw people off for what we should be getting next week. Don’t expect happy sex like this week in the next episode. Based on where we are at we should get the stuff with Keyaru’s village and I’m going to assume his revenge against Leonard will be next week as well. So if you want things to go back to the extreme revenge stuff we will be getting that again.

I do wonder if they will try to throw an anime original scene in at some point to counter some of that stuff. Kureha for example probably won’t have any more content in the show based on how far this will probably cover. So seeing them find a way to get another scene in somehow before she disappears from the plot for a bit would be nice. Since next week will be the halfway point as well it might give us a way to guess how far they do plan on reaching in this. For next week though get ready for more rape.

Since I hate doggy I have no problem with that change but still wished they had changed her to girl on top instead to make up for changing Setsuna’s. I hate when swordwomen are submissive. Wanted to see her dominating instead. On a completely unrelated note it turns out I got the foil pikachu from the pack of pokemon cards I got in the happy meal thing they are doing currently. Then found out that card is the most sought after price wise on ebay. Lucky on my first try.