Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o! (Venus to Mamoru) DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 05 – 08

Can too much steam make ecchi fans go blind???


For more background info on this anime, please check out the first section of Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o! (Venus to Mamoru) DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 04.

Episode 05

Ayako gets sick.  But they don’t forget the fanservice.  And somehow, she recovers just enough to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

Ayako may be stuck in bed sick, but she still looks great…

Explaining how Beatrice works.  Some nice barbie doll nudity of Ayako…

Lewd.  Even when sick…

Wiping off sweat time.  Too bad we couldn’t see more…

Hidden oppai girl.  And her oppai stay mostly hidden in this scene even without clothes….

Ayako has nice oppai!  Even iwthout nipples…

Ayako looks great as Juliet.

They almost kissed.  Not once but twice.   Awww….

Her name is Emelenzia.  She’s a loli.  German.  Her mission is to break up the romance between Ayako and Mamoru.

Episode 06

We flashback to Ayako and Emelenzia in Germany.  Then the student council participates in a school ski trip.  Emelenzia follows and sets a trap.

For some reason, I made these stitches from the recap instead of the previous episode.  Venus to Mamoru started using the first part of every episode as a recap.

Skin to skin contact is nice…

Some sneaky fanservice of Ayako during the flashback to Ayako’s time in Germany.

What a nice ass Ayako has…

Emelenzia is a cute loli even if she is up to no good…

Episode 07

Ayako makes a sweater for Mamoru.  Emelenzia springs her trap.  Gets defeated.  Loser  winds up providing fanservice for fans….

Emelenzia reveals herself to Ayako and Mamoru.

In more ways than one.  Too bad her panties were so big.  Still cute though.  And amusing…

And the girls battle it out in the snow.

Onsen time for Emelizenzi.  What a cute loli butt she has…


Emelenzia was in the men’s bath.  LOL

Welcome to the men’s bath, Emelenzia.  ROFL

Episode 08

The student council stops by an outdoor onsen on the suggestion of the president but it’s really a plot so him and his sister can play a “game”.  Silliness ensues.  Starting with steam so thick it’s blinding.  Crying shame….

The black-haired girl is Youko.  She’s on the student council.  And kind of large for a girl.  And butch.

Youka is on the right.

Probably the most visible scene of nakedness.  Shame.  But nice to see a little bit of Ayako’s oppai…

And hijinks and silliness ensues …


Nice imagination.

Again with the imagination.

And the game turned out to be to see if the siblings could get Mamoru to bring shampoo to an onsen of naked girls.  He does.  He’s not always beta.  LOL

However, Ayako gets her revenge on the siblings and co-conspirators…


Found more omake than I expected to find for a 10+ year old show.  Enjoy.


This set of episodes would have been so much better without the blinding steam in the outdoor onsen.  But nice to see that the fanservice didn’t drop off from the first four episodes.

But we do get to meet Emelenzia and she provides us with some fun fanservice.  Emelenzia is such a cute and amusing loli.

Ayako looks great even when sick.

The visuals for this older anime continue to be pleasing.  I had fun making stitches and webms for these episodes.

I happen to like older anime shows but they are not for everybody.  They can be dated, a mixed bag and not HD too boot.

Venus to Mamoru is a mixed bag.  There are a lot of elements that I like but some I’m not crazy about like shōta.  At least Mamoru doesn’t act like a little kid.  He just looks like one.  Especially next to Ayako who is tall and well developed for her age.

I really like how they don’t mess around with the romance part of this anime.  Ayako confesses early in the first episode and they become an official couple in the second episode.  Would be nice if newer shows would learn not to drag out the romance for what seems like forever.

I’m also not crazy about the amount of violence in the show and how violent Ayako can get but it’s done for comedy.  Nobody is permanently maimed.  Something else that older shows tend to do more of.

I also really  like the character designs and artwork for Venus to Mamoru.  Still looks pretty good 10+ years later.

And what a swell character design for Ayako.  Tall, slender, athletic with all the curves in all the right places.  Including oppai.  Ayako is a hidden oppai kind of girl.  They are bigger and better than they look under her clothes.  Plus there’s something to be said for long blue hair.

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