Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o! (Venus to Mamoru) DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 04

When the school witch yells “Be my boyfriend!” on first sight, what do you do???


Venus to Mamoru is a older anime TV show that ran for 24 episodes from 10/6/2006 till 03/30/2007.  So it has been 10+ years since it started airing.  Oldie but not forgotten.  It still seems to have fans even now.  Heck, even 10-year old anime posters got new scans a couple of years ago.

Plot synopsis from ANN:

Mamoru Yoshimura was accepted into a school for Beatrices due to his high intellect. “Beatrices” are people who have special abilities. On his first day, he meets Ayako Takasu, AKA the Beatrices’ Angel of Death, a pretty and popular female student who has exceptional Beatrice abilities. During their first encounter, Ayako, who is usually a cold person and is regarded as somewhat of a loner, suddenly confesses her feelings for Mamoru. After Mamoru becomes inducted into the Student Council as Ayako’s aide, he becomes involved in the dangers and mysteries of the Beatrices.

Tags from AniDB:

action, ecchi, high school, large breasts, magic, novel, pantsu, romance, school life, super power

As luck would have it, I wound up rewatching Venus to Mamoru at the same time I needed a DVD show to experiment with in helping streamline my workflow for making media since I seem to have less free time this year.  Mainly because I became aware of a relatively recent fansub with softsubs instead of hardsubs and a new encode from DVD.

For it’s time Venus to Mamoru has nice artwork and nice girls.  Only been released on DVD and not BD though.

Episode 01

This episode is the setup episode.  For the main characters and the romance.  It doesn’t take long for mc-chan to confess her feelings for mc-kun.

We meet Ayako.  Mc-chan.  The witch of the school and a very powerful Beatrice user in a school dedicated to training Beatrice users.

And for Ayako, it’s love at first sight!

And the green-haired boy is Mamoru.  Mc-kun.  New transfer student.  And a shōta…

The pink-haired girl is Mitsuki.  Photography fanatic.  She might be an ecchi fan at heart since she always seems to be able to take pictures at the most embarrassing moments for the other characters.

Embarrassing photos like these.  Of Ayako.  Used to distract an Ayako stalker.  LOL.

Ayako breaks into Student Council headquarters to punish evildoers wayward student countil members (and her friends).

And viewers get treated to some nice Ayako panty shots.

It’s not a good idea to make Ayako angry.  Especially when she might just stomp on your face.

But the student council now knows exactly how to distract Ayako.  His name is Mamoru.  And they get him to join the student council too.

Talk about hidden oppai…  Nice.

Another Ayako panty shot.  In traffic too.

Ayako can make some great faces.  Really cute ones too.

Episode 02

This episode is more setup.  And more about the developing relationship between the main couple.  And towards the end of the episode, Mamoru returns Ayako’s feelings.  Nice.  Two episodes in and the main characters are already a couple.  Not many anime move that fast.

The blond girl is Shione.  A member of the student council.  And a girl with many different crazy hair-dos.

The many cute faces of Ayako…

Closeup shot of Shione’s panties. Only for one frame though.

Why they censored Shione’s panties here when we just saw them even closer up is a mystery.

Her name is Yuuka.  Also a member of the student council.  She’s a shy and timid girl.  She pretty much stays in the background after this episode.

But we do get a Yuuka panty shot when she’s in the foreground.  Too bad it’s not more detailed though.

How does a guy say no to a face like this?

Another 1-frame panty shot.  Off in the distance too.

You guessed it.  1-frame panty shot.  From Ayako.  Blink and you’ll miss it.

And now it’s Mamoru’s turn to confess.  Attaboy.  Act like a man and not a boy even if you look like one…

Episode 03

In this episode, we get to meet mc-kun’s imouto, see Ayako look fabulous in a red dress and watch the student council play matchmaker with a twist.

The many cute faces of Ayako…

Another 1-frame panty shot.

Her name is Itsumi.  She is mc-kun’s imouto.  But she isn’t just there for loli fanservice.  She is part of the plot on more than one occasion.

Itsumi is not too bashful in front of her onii-chan is she?

Itsumi is cute when embarrassed…

Animation gets a little wonly here so I ddn’t show the entire scene.

Ayako looks fabulous in a red dress that shows off her cleavage.

That’s actually Shione not a statue so we get to see a little bit of her side boob…

Student council girls as mummies…

Can’t blame Mamoru for looking…

Nice scenery…

Lucky Mamoru…

Ayako gets back at the student council at the end.

Episode 04

This episode gives us a little more of Ayako in her red dress then it’s time for a school festival.  During which we get what might be the best Ayako fanservice of the show…

Very brief changing room scene.

Very brief Ayako panty shot.

School council pays the price again.  With a bonus panty shot.

Tricky stitch to make.  But I don’t think you can actually have a poster like that at a school festival.  Would be nice if you could.

So close…

Ayako looks  great in a red dress but even better in pink underwear…

I’ve been wanting to make these two stiches of Ayako in her pink panties for a while now. …

… Mission accomplished!

Of course the main couple just have to play the leads in Romeo & Juliet…


More omake than I expected to find for a 10+ year old show.  Including a couple of nude edits!  But only a couple…


I happen to like older anime shows but they are not for everybody.  They can be dated, a mixed bag and not HD too boot.

Venus to Mamoru is a mixed bag.  There are a lot of elements that I like but some I’m not crazy about like shōta.  At least Mamoru doesn’t act like a little kid.  He just looks like one.  Especially next to Ayako who is tall and well developed for her age.

I really like how they don’t mess around with the romance part of this anime.  Ayako confesses early in the first episode and they become an official couple in the second episode.  Would be nice if newer shows would learn not to drag out the romance for what seems like forever.

I’m also not crazy about the amount of violence in the show and how violent Ayako can get but it’s done for comedy.  Nobody is permanently maimed.  Something else that older shows tend to do more of.

I also really  like the character designs and artwork for Venus to Mamoru.  Still looks pretty good 10+ years later.

And what a swell character design for Ayako.  Tall, slender, athletic with all the curves in all the right places.  Including oppai.  Ayako is a hidden oppai kind of girl.  They are bigger and better than they look under her clothes.  Plus there’s something to be said for long blue hair.

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