Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 10



Eating clothes to get to the panties.


Don’t expect fanservice until near the end since the final few minutes fortunately do give us some just when you think the episode would be a total loss for service. Even though it may have been one of those episodes that keeps the service saved till the end rather than throughout the episode it at least gives us service of a character whom did not have any till now.


Matome looks for Tamotsu to go on patrol only to be told by Arisa that he went to meet a friend.

While talking to his friend he discovers that he has a girlfriend and thus managed to get one before Tamotsu. At first I thought it was a virtual one because of the distortion but then I realized you can see her perfectly normal right at the start of the scene so it is really just Tamotsu’s eyes going crazy over seeing her so she is indeed real and not some trick.

The others ask why he is acting strange and he tells them about how his friend got a girlfriend before him and how he wants one.

Matome technically did in the first episode.

Tamotsu refuses to patrol until he has a girlfriend because he wants to go on a date once in his life.

Niwaka asks if he wants to go out with her which he turns down. Arisa then asks about her then and he thinks about it while Niwaka says Matome isn’t an option since she would never go which causes Matome to interrupt and make him go on a date with her. Even though Arisa is clearly the better choice.


They head out on patrol and a date at the same time. Just think if this was a game instead of a show this would be the point in which they would give you route decisions. You would probably get an actual choice between which of the three to go on a date with leading to different events and affection increases to help determine the route you get put on. Similar things like that happened in the actual game with it’s characters.

After getting advice from Niwaka on her phone Matome suggests they go to get something to eat. Meanwhile the others follow to spy on them

Acquire-chan’s hidden weekly appearance.

After eating Matome tells him they are heading to the next one.

You will never be that happy to put shit in your mouth.

After finishing up there they head to another place to eat more.

Kati appearance in which she is not working at that maid cafe. I really wish the other characters from Akiba’s Trip 2 would show up as well.

I kind of wonder what Kati is talking about to that other girl. Probably about how she is going to have to choke a bitch if they rerelease Akiba’s Trip 2 again and still don’t give her a route in it.

Tamotsu eats something she was so she does the whole indirect kiss thing. Completely ignoring the fact that she already did a much bigger one when she gave him his powers.

After which they go to get more food.

Matome explains how she eats a lot because of not having much to eat when she was a kid so she always eats when she has the chance.

Tamotsu then takes her to a ramen shop that he likes to show her. More importantly a great mystery is about to be solved about a character when the villain of the episode says something.

The background characters are the best background characters ever because they clearly knew they were just for decoration.

Latu tells them that he is stopping everyone else from being able to eat and order ramen. Tamotsu also recognizes him as a eating contest champion from tv.

The mystery of the trap character has been solved. He/she is in actuality a girl since she must be the person he is referring to since she was tossed out of the building when they entered which must have been from her losing the fight.

After Tamotsu tells him to stop and let others eat he challenges Tamotsu to a eating contest and that he will leave if he wins. Matome then says she will do it and accepts his challenge.

The winner is whoever eats the most ramen in an hour and the loser must pay all food costs.

Pay attention to all the background characters. The absurdity of their lazy designs are the best part.

They both end up being even so Matome needs to do something to go faster.

She throws her ramen in the air in order to cool it down so she can eat it faster.

To increase his eating speed he pours water into his ramen so he can drink it faster not caring about the taste.

Tamotsu uses the ice maker that Latu has so he can give Matome ice to put in her ramen to cool it faster to speed up her pace.

He points out that she ruins food just like he does in order to win. However it is then revealed that the ice is really frozen ramen soup and thus doesn’t ruin the food’s taste unlike the other guy putting water in.

He ends up losing as all the water in his stomach causes him to not be able to eat anymore and Matome wins by being just one bite ahead.

Matome tells him that he doesn’t have to pay for losing and that he just has to start caring about the taste in food instead. He refuses and reveals that he is a Bugged One and his plan was to take over the city by eating all it’s food. He then activates his power of sucking.

We finally get some Latu service now.

Naked lady flies by.

Tamotsu grabs the ice maker from earlier and throws it at him to freeze him so Matome can finish him off.

He then dies and leaves behind some ramen in his underwear.

Matome tells him sorry for their date being the way it turned out but Tamotsu is fine with it since the two of them are the only ones who could handle a date like that (had he went with Arisa though he wouldn’t have had to deal with that).


Matome says she is hungry again and wants dessert. Tamotsu tells her there is a store that sells sweets he has always wanted to go to but couldn’t without having someone with him. As such he tells her he wants her to come along with him to the store and they head off.

It ends with them being watched by someone whom looks sort of like Matome so I would not be surprised if she ends up being an older sister. Stuff like this is pretty much a red flag for expect more focus on story in the next episodes I would assume.



The picture for the episode that the character designer drew.



Stitches made by Sanya


WebM album


The fanservice was condensed to only happening near the end of the episode but hopefully it’s just the calm before a huge amount. Since we are near the end of the show that probably means more fights and hopefully this means the fanservice will increase as a result and be spread out. Only 3 episodes left and I would guess these final episodes will all be more story centered then previous ones. From the preview for the next episode you can see the Final Boss is present as well as the new character and probably every other character as well. Presumably the next episode will be one of those setting up the final battle types so if you wanted story I would assume this is where it starts happening now.


Arisa would have easily been the best choice to go on a date with since I am certain she would want to go to a love hotel to see it and try everything in there. Also the fact that she can take her clothes off without dying unlike Matome would be a plus as well.