Masou Gakuen HxH (TV) fanservice compilation


A compilation of the uncensored TV series, plus most of the BD specials.

[Streaming link at the end of this text.  Please use with caution.  And with the latest and greatest adblocking software installed and enabled since this streaming site likes to use really aggressive ads.  Might be a good idea to open the link in a new window so you can close it and only close the streaming related tabs.]

DDL:  720p

Normally I would have had this video out way back in September, but a combination of being burned out, busy, and lazy kept me from finishing it until now, perhaps only days before the full blu-ray versions find their way online.

Still, I’ve got such a backlog of projects to do that the final blu-ray compilation of HxH is probably a month or two away even under ideal circumstances, so hopefully this will help tide us all over until then.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this is NOT based on the blu-rays, other than the specials.  It is based off the uncensored TV episodes.  It has 5 of 6 specials included.  The 6th special has yet to appear online so I wasn’t able to include it.

Overall, I thought it made for a slightly stronger compilation video than I would have guessed, even if both the animation and service have a bit of a hit and miss quality to them.