Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 8 TV Fanservice Review

LOL! just LOL!

I literally laughed from start to finish. Even though we were short-changed this week (we were supposed to get an onsen episode), Konosuba still served up top-tier comedy.

This week, Kazuma and gang come up with a plan to lure the kite hawks into a cave and utilize Megumin’s explosion magic to annihilate them. Later at night, the gang and the other adventurers are woken by the arrival of a group of undeads. The culprit? Aqua of course.

The next morning, the party finally arrives at Arcanretia, the hometown of the Axis cult that Aqua founded and blessed. After healing Wiz, Kazuma and Darkness take a stroll around town, only to be accosted by fanatic members of the cult proselytizing and recruiting them, annoying the hell out of them, especially Kazuma.

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Once again, poor Yunyun… I really hope that she joins the gang in time for the onsen activities. And maybe Luna and Chris as well.

Anyway, do you all remember what happened in episode 9 of the first season? If that is anything to go by, we could be in for a huge treat next week! Furthermore, a naked Kazuma appearing in the preview should be indicative of what’s to come.

On another note, from what I heard, the onsen episode will actually happen next week. And since it’s organized and sponsored by the Axis cult, if you write your name on this form, you will be able to enjoy nudity, guaranteed. So hurry up and write your name!