Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 1

The battle for best spring show has begun.


So for those who don’t know this show has 3 different versions. Initially it was just the standard version and a AT-X R15 version. However a surprise happened a few days ago in which an R18 version was announced and would be released as well on the website ComicFesta. On that site they sell digital episodes individually and in the case of this show they sell both versions the standard one and the R18 version. You can see the site here where they sell the episodes with the R18 version being 200 points which is 100 more points then the standard one.

Obviously the R18 version is the one we want to see so hopefully someone will keep ripping those versions. The R18 version is released on Sundays the same day the standard episode airs but it was not till today that it finally got ripped. Hopefully future episodes will show up much quicker.

This first scene is one of the parts from the R18 version.

Simply a look into what is going to happen later on in the episode.

The main girl Mio is at a high school reunion and sees the boy she used to like from back then named Kujo in attendance.

She remembers the days when she would admire him from the distance and how she eventually would get to meet him when he helped her clean up a mess leading to her eventually falling in love with him. She never advanced any further into getting in a relationship though.

Someone takes Kujo’s hat off and everyone stares at him seeing that he is bald.

He explains to everyone that he is now working as a priest and that is why he is bald.

Mio walks home drunk wishing she had someone to help her.

Kujo than finds her and helps her home after she starts to pass out from being too drunk.

That face. You can’t blame him for being unable to resist.

He gets her some water but since she is too drunk to drink it herself he decides to transfer it to her mouth with his.

This is where the episode ends normally. However the R18 version continues on after this and provides the good stuff.


And now the episode ends for real.


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As is obvious from this the R18 version is going to be the version you should be watching. Since it was such a sudden announcement and most people probably don’t know what is going on with the different versions hopefully that means after this first week rips will happen sooner as people get into the swing of watching the right version. It won’t be till next week that we know what is different in the R15 AT-X version versus the R18 version since the info page on AT-X indicates that their R15 version of the show doesn’t start till episode 2 next week so this week was just the standard version for them.

My guess on the differences is that the standard will probably be filled with censorship while the R15 AT-X version will probably be like Yosuga no Sora in which nudity was shown but the sex scenes had everyone static and not moving. The true version which is the R18 one will probably give us movement to the sex scenes. Now that awareness on the different versions and what this R18 version offers should be known by everyone by the end of this week we can hope this results in the R18 version getting ripped on the day it is out.

I want to only use the R18 version for these posts so for the first few weeks there might not be a consistent time these posts show up till there is a consistent release of the R18 version since I want to wait for that version to get ripped and who knows how long that will take each week (like I said hopefully this starts happening on the first day after this). I am honestly more excited and looking forward to this show more than 7sins. With the staff involved, the source material, and the fact that it has an R18 version leads me to believe this could end up being a very good show when it comes to giving us what we want.


I did Akiba’s Trip last season and that was the best show of winter. Now I’m doing this show which has a real chance of being the best show for spring as well. I am now confirmed as being best husbando because of my choice in shows.