Hand Shakers Fanservice Review Episode 9 – 12

GoHand’s biggest flop comes to an end…

Sad to say that episode 9 contains the most service, and it doesn’t even amount to that much to begin with. 10 – 12 focus more on exposition and story.

Episode 9

Koyori earns her powers, as well as a couple of cup sizes.

Looks like idol chick has a real threat to deal with now.

Idol chick with her hair down. Pretty cute.

Episode 10

As you can see, nothing much from this episode. Moving on.

Episode 11

You must not! These two are too young!


A happy family.

Or not.

Behold, Koyori’s twin, Mayumi!

The final enemy.

And now the rest of the cast’s whereabouts…

WebM (all from episode 9)

Shame how the service went completely downhill (and some would argue that the show’s quality also did the same). There were some nice designs (although sometimes the characters would weird depending on the angle or movements), and some nice backgrounds would emerge (although there were quite a few disastrous ones). A lot of people find the constantly moving backgrounds, inconsistent character designs, weird camera angles (including the infamous fishbowl style it jumps to occasionally) extremely jarring, so be warned.

Animation aside, not many people seem pleased with the story either. Lots of people found it mundane, silly, or confusing.

However, despite the extremely negative reputation the anime has earned, there’s bound to be a couple of people who would like it, so don’t feel bad if you personally enjoy the show.

Hand Shakers isn’t over either. According to Anime News Network, there will be an unaired 13th episode inside the “Hand Shakers EX” disc. The episode will focus on Koyori and Makihara’s past, and will also introduce another character, Koichi. Judging from the little context given about the OVA and the show’s reputation with fanservice it won’t be surprising if they decide to bail out on the service anyway.