One Room Fanservice Review Episodes 9-12

Our childhood friend is back!

The final route of, One Room, is over! The female heroine this time around was our childhood friend, Moka Aoshima. Moka, has recently moved back into town and is currently attempting to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a musician. Yet, things are easier said than done.  Becoming a successful musician and living up to our childhood promise proved quite difficult. Things began to seem quite grim, thus Moka planned to move back home.  However, I won’t let Moka go that easily! My childhood friend is here to stay!

Moka, is a walking piece of fanservice. The camera made sure to make suggestive angles of her at every possible moment. Her low cut top was a great addition to her character. Cleavage galore can be seen within every episode of her route. Like each route the female heroine is given a bath scene. Seeing a bit of extra skin here is always great. Finally, one of my personal favorites about, Moka, is her thighs. Both in her yellow shorts or jeans, she was rocking them thighs. Truly a sight to behold! That’s it here for, One Room, I hope you all enjoyed! And remember to maximize your self-inserting!


Episode 9 caps and stitches.


Episode 10 caps and stitches.


Episode 11 caps and stitches.


Episode 12 caps and stitches.

Yes, I’ll wait.

Waiting paid off! Our one room is now, two!


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Since One Room is all about self-inserting a rating here would be moot. It’s truly up to the viewer on how much you will enjoy this show. I had plenty of fun with it personally. I know self-inserting isn’t for everyone but, this was a beautifully animated short with a tad of service and romance thrown into the mix. Getting to know each girl through their story route was heartwarming and fulfilling. I hope for more, One Room, in the future.


Well, there’s kind of going to be more but, the roles are reversed… For more info click here.