Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 5


Bathtime means butts and lewdness.


This episode contains about 20 seconds more content in the r18 version and like previous episodes the standard version contains a replacement scene for a part that is present in the AT-X and r18 version but not the standard. There is also a zoom in method used as a means of censorship during some parts of the AT-X version instead of that object censor we have seen previously.

The previous episode ended with Mio being told to go take a bath with Kujo by his mother. This episode starts up with her going in there having explained to Kujo that she didn’t have a choice about coming in since his mother already said those things. Kujo then asks if she wants to take a bath with him or if she is worried he will touch her again like previously.


Mio yells at him because she doesn’t like lying to his parents because of how nice they are. She is also still mad that he hasn’t said that he loves her to her and she keeps thinking the times he said it in front of his parents is a lie.

So at this point is where things change if you are watching the standard version. Just as the towel starts to drop the standard version switches to another inner monologue for Kujo instead.

This scene is only in the standard version and it feels like this is kind of important just like the previous one in another episode as it shows some more of Kujo’s character. From his monologue it sounds like he wants Mio to give him permission to love her. In other words he wants her to say that they don’t need to pretend and he can fall in love with her for real.

Anyway if you are watching the AT-X or R18 version you get this part next instead.

After this is when the scene switches back to where the standard version resumes after it’s previous replacement scene with Kujo’s talk ended.

Now here is where things change again. The following changes in one of 3 ways depending on the version you are watching. The standard version replaces the entire remaining part of the episode with another segment up until the very last second of the episode. The AT-X and R18 version however give you a different scene. The catch is the AT-X version is shorter than the R18 version though. So to start with here is the scene that is shown for the standard version.


So you get this comedic type thing which I guess is supposed to be a semi flashback to their school days. In other words you could probably interpret this to be a way of looking at how the two of them acted to each other back in their younger days. Sort of an important thing as it helps remind you that they aren’t total strangers and have been around each other for a long time when younger which makesĀ Mio being in love with him make more sense . For short 5 minute shows it’s hard to develop character relationships so it’s easy to forget that these two have known each other for much longer than we the viewers see.

If you are watching the AT-X or R18 version you get the following scene instead. There will be a point in this scene that splits as well from each version which I will point out when we get to it. Also there is some censorship present in the AT-X version with zooms.

At this point some of the scenes are censored in the AT-X version by being zoomed in while the R18 version is zoomed out.

As you can see the first two pics are from the AT-X version which zooms in to show less while the two pics after are from the R18 version in which you can see more including Mio’s vagina.

Similar zoom in censorship in this scene in the AT-X version that is not in the R18 one and shows the whole thing.

So here is where things change again depending on the AT-X version or R18 version. If you are watching the R18 version you get about 20 seconds of more content here next while the AT-X version skips this next part. So here is the R18 exclusive content.

After this is when the extra content ends and the AT-X versionĀ and R18 version are joined back again. However just like before the following scene is censored in the AT-X version using the zoom method. I have included pics of both just like before and you can see the difference with the AT-X version’s pic shown first then the R18 one right after for each individual pic to see the change.

After this is where all 3 version finally join together on the same path.

This scene is where all 3 versions end with the only difference being that in the standard version the final pic of Mio doesn’t show nipples as the camera has already panned in some to hide them while the AT-X and R18 version has the camera pan in at a distance allowing you to see them briefly. And with that the episode ends.


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A lot of different changes depending on the episode version this time. Next week should be the most interesting though because we should based on the manga finally get a sex scene. It is possible I suppose that they could split it into two episodes though so they may start it next week and finish it the next or maybe they will manage to fit it all into the next episode instead (especially since episode 6 is the midway point and the sex scene in the manga is the end of chapter 2 so it would make sense to fit it all in next week). Regardless I would expect there to be plenty of differences between the versions when it finally happens. So next week may be when we finally get to see how far the show will take things so that is something to look forward to.


Really hope getting hold of the r18 version isn’t impacted by nyaa dying. Sure I still have some other sources but those have chinese subs hard coded and will certainly be annoying to some people if I have to use them. Hopefully it doesn’t reach that point though.