Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episodes 08-09

Tennis and a cooking contest are the main dish in this bunch of episodes.

Episode 08

I found Nadeshiko early in this ep!

Ranmaru and Momiji want to go to the karaoke.

Ichiko says she has other plans, Rindou notices her sad face.

They go to Ichiko’s house, what in the hell is she doing?

Nice butt Ichiko has.

Fight for what film they are gonna watch.

Ranmaru tries to remove Ichiko’s “mask”, LMAO at Momiji taking pics.

Ichiko throws them out of her house, literally.

Momiji gives Rindou an item that can listen to anyone inner thoughts and past.

Ranmaru doesn’t want to use it since that would break Ichiko’s privacy and she almost breaks it, dat Momiji reaction xD.

Ichiko is hiding from Ranmaru.

Poor Ichiko!

Sleeping beauty.

Ranmaru comes to the rescue.

Ichiko already escaped xD.

The building falls!

Nice eyecatches, girls look great in bunny suits!

Rindou saves them, Ichiko is worried about her.

We finally know the reason why Ichiko doesn’t trust in other people.

Time to save Ranmaru.

Hey there.

So positive energy tastes good.

Ichiko let’s Ranmaru hear her past.

Ranmaru promises to never fail Ichiko and they finally became true friends!

Ichiko looks so cute while blushed.

Found you this time!


Episode 09

Time to play some Tennis.

Ichiko looks great with that outift!

Ranmaru imagination xD.

This guy is a tennis champion, he wants to be Ichiko’s partner for this match.

Momiji has her own  gorila partner.

Ouch!, damn gorila.

We get to see a bit of Ichiko ass there, i love that short skirt.


Luffy Momiji.

That hurts.

Things are gonna get worse soon.

Those faces xD.

Keita just woke up.

Match ended in a draw and two traumatized guys.

Ichiko will learn how to cook now!

She’s so cute.

Bye-bye Momiji.

Definitely, cooking is not for Ichiko.

She just ordered a pizza xD.


It is just cheese, i promise.

She is Kuroyuri, another misfortune god and Momiji friend.

She came to steal Ichiko’s positive energy so she can have Yamabuki acknowledgment.

Troll Momiji xD

Round 2 of cooking.

Kuroyuri has some nice legs.

Double attack!


Ichiko vs Momiji in a cooking contest.

Momiji is surprisingly good.

Ichiko’s dish looks deliciously…awful.

RIP Kuroyuri.

Pizza is still the best option.

Sneaky Nadeshiko again T_T.


Not that much service in this bunch of episodes but they are full of comedy, 08 focused in Ichiko’s past and well as in her relationship with Ranmaru, nice to see Ichiko trusting her as a true friend now. Episode 09 first half centers in a  hilarious tennis match with Momiji and Ichiko, second half with Kuroyuri introduction and the cooking contest continued with Ichiko’s development.


Binbogami ga! was really a surprise, didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series as well and some nice ecchi scenes along with a really nice artwork and comedy. Almost all the characters are likeable with the Main duo(Ichiko&Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish,if you like a comedy with some romantic,ecchi and feels moments dont hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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