TORANOANA Girls Collection 2016 WINTER TYPE-X Scans (some hentai)

Anime girls with nipples.  Sure seems like it’s been a while since ecchi fans have seen that combination…

An artbook that just happened to catch my eye.  Maybe because I was working on Omamori Himari media recently.  And that anime has animal girls (technically demon girls) a plenty but does not have nipples although the manga does.

To be honest, I don’t know much about TORANOANA Girls Collection 2016 WINTER TYPE-X.  It seems to be the Winter 2016 edition of a doujinshi artbook for adults only that is sold at Comic Market.  Animal girls seem to be the focus of a lot of the artwork.  And some of the artwork looks really nice!  With animal ears!!  And nipples!!!

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Anyway, enjoy the scans of TORANOANA Girls Collection 2016 WINTER TYPE-X as found on

For the sake of faster page loads, I only uploaded the JPG versions.  If you would prefer the PNG versions, you can find them in the pool.  Just be warned that if you try to download more than 2 PNGs at a time, you might get banned.  It’s better to download the zip file which you can only do if you have an account there.

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