Trinity Seven Movie – Eternity Library and Alchemic Girl Fanservice Review

Acting as a sequel to the main series, the film has Lilith and Arata cute daughter as the main attraction.


The film’s story begins when Arata inadvertently touches “Hermes Apocrypha,” Lilith’s Grimoire. Suddenly, he is enveloped by a bright white light, and a girl appears before him. She calls herself Lilim, and treats both Arata and Lilith as her parents. At the same time she appears, something changes in the world. The forbidden Eternal Library awakens. In the Library is sealed the ultimate culmination of Alchemy, the White Demon Lord. The White Demon Lord plots to eliminate Arata and the Trinity Seven to usurp the position of Demon Lord. Bristling with untold power, the White Demon Lord attacks Arata, and triggers a desperate crisis where Arata and the Trinity Seven must save the world in this last battle.

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Movie starts with a short recap of the main series.

Main girls are also introduced,  with body measurements included!

Not surprised there, Lilith has the bigger bust followed by Liese.

Recap ends there, for more details about the main series check Wizardofecchi TV reviews here.

Arata apparently has a dream(flash forward actually) of him touching Lilith’s butt although the dream can have another meaning.

Liese(In Selina’s body) offers her butt to Arata if he really wants to touch one that much.

Arata accepts gladly, having a non-beta main character is one the best things about Trinity Seven.

Unfortunately Lilith stops him.

Liese asks if the dream could have another meaning, Sora(one of Arata’s grimoire) says that it is common seeing him dreaming about Lilith.

Lilith’s face when hearing Arata dream about her is so cute!

Lilith’s reaction when she hears that the dreams are all about groping her boobs xD.

Changing the subject, Lilith has been worried about her Grimoire randomly start to glow.

When Arata touches it a strange reaction happens!

Lilith’s grimoire transformed into a girl!

Sneaky panty-shot.

Lilith’s grimoire transformed in such a cute girl.

She calls Arata and Lilith Papa and Mama respectively, lol at their reaction.

Arata names her Lilim because it is similar to Lilith, Lilim seems to like it a lot.

Arin comes to investigate her “husband” daughter.

Lilim is just so cute 😊

Yui wants to have a child with Arata too, Lilith tries to explain the situation.

Lilith reaction when Lilim calls her “mama” is really cute too.

They really look like a couple!

Levi comes to see Lilim too.

Levi wonders how far Arata and Lilith went.

Mira succumb to Lilim cuteness too.

So kawaii!

Arata collapses because his magic was taken by Lilim before.

Arata’s chlidhood friend comes to talk with the headmaster looks like something happened.

White Demon Lord has awakened.

Bath time!

Mira and Selina have nice bodies 😍

Glad Arata didn’t run away like the typical MC-kun.

We saw a bit of Lilim chest there!

Too bad they have towels =(.

Nice ass!

Lilith boobs. 😍

I would have the same reaction to be honest.

Yui doesn’t want to lose in a bounce battle.

Mira is so cute while blushed.

Arata and Lilith really look like father and mother with their daughter.

Other girls are a bit jealous because of that.

Lilim and Levi seem to get along well.

Looks like the enemy is close.

Some little boob bounce by Yui and Akio.

Even if it is Selina’s body i like how her boobs get bigger when Liese is in her body.

That’s a nice way of remembering a girl xD.

Group will be divided in two, Arata one will face the White Demon Lord while the other one will face a dragon that appeared.

Having regenerative capacities is not fair!

Sneaky ass shot.

White Demon Lord is absorbing Arata’s magic, they are in trouble.

Other group seems to have some trouble too, Akio in her loli form is adorable.

Lugh and Levi action time!

No pan?

Too bad she entered Magus mode and her clothes changed.

Still such a nice ass!

After a combination they managed to defeat that dragon.

Back to Arata and Lilith.

The dream from the beginning finally happens, who doesn’t want to grab Lilith’s butt?

Arata uses Lilith’s magic and looks like they go to a strange place.

Lilim tells them they are inside the grimoire.

Since Lilim has Arata and Lilith magic they could use it to defeat the White Demon Lord.

However if they use Lilim magic she will turn back into a simple grimoire with no personality.

Even if Lilim doesn’t want to disappear she will still help her parents, Arata and Lilith promise her that they will see her again.

With the help of Lilim and Lilith Arata reaches the “Paladin Form”.

Bye bye White Demon Lord.

Group reunited again.

Liese is a babe, that cleavage.😍

White Demon Lord is not done yet!

After a combination of all now he is finally defeated.

Poor Lilim. 😥

Time to release the Paladin form… and rip the girls clothes in the process.

Mira blushed is always so cute, Liese hot as always too bad it is censored.

Lilith’s boobs seem to small here, budget problems?

Anna and Ayesha appear at the end, season 2 on the way?


Magazines released some very good posters to celebrate the release of the movie.


Movie felt a bit short ( Only 55 minutes and 10 of them is recap+ending credits) but at least all the girls had some fairly screen time and we got some fanservice scenes and overall it kept the essence of the main series. Lilim was just so cute during the whole film and her relationship with Arata and Lilith and the rest of the Trinity Seven well developed,  i hope she comes back in a future season 2 or even in the manga and doesn’t stay just as a Movie-only character.

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