Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 1

Light service aside, this isn’t a bad show.


As word started to spread about the lack of service at the start of this adaptation—as, unfortunately, is also the case with the manga—my attention shifted to the characters, story, and visuals. If this show isn’t going to fill the screen with tits and ass, are the characters at least cute and interesting? Are the story and visuals at least stylish or amusing? After getting dragged for 12 episodes by the mediocrity of last season’s Fuuka, I’m thirsting for something atypical to recharge my anime enthusiasm.

Caps & Stitches (download png)

This kawaii, blue-haired, elf looking chick is Kiriha. Kiriha is a “Tsugumomo”, which is an ancient item that can host souls… or something.

Here’s Kazuya, the obligatory basic bitch male lead.

I don’t know who these girls are yet.

Chisato, the overbearing student council president and childhood friend.

We’ll learn more about her later.

Some nopan action in the OP.

Kazuya wakes from a distressing dream.

His hands land on Chisato’s A cups.

She’s wearing white pantsu today.

Kazuya’s holds his obi (kimono sash); it’s a family heirloom. Kiriha’s soul resides here.

The fuck…

Kiriha appears and saves Kazuya’s ass.

Someone’s feelings for Kazuya culminates into an “Amasogi”, or curse. It takes the form of a wig.

Bad ass fight scene with great background music.

The manga showed more ass here. Maybe we’ll get a redraw on the BD.

Kiriha loves sweets.

And pudding.

And video games.

And being nosy.

Bath time.

The anime did this scene better.

He popped a boner. Heterosexuality confirmed.

Understandably tense about sleeping in the same bed with a girl for the first time.

He calms down, though. Good job.


WebMs (download)


This show is going to require a bit of patience. If you put your service expectations to the side, and watch it for the characters and story, this show is quite amusing, and the art and animation are polished—not half-assed. If the anime follows the manga, we can expect an uptick in service by around the third or fourth episode.