Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 12

An intense final fight and—yep, you guessed it—more bathing.

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Episode 12

This fight was a lot more badass than I was expecting.


Poor Kazuya.

Kazuya’s sister thinks they did something lewd to him.

Bath time!

Kiriha looks so devious.

Kukuri is entranced! XD

Them fantasies.


Wait, did they fuck?

Lol… One can imagine the fan edits for this…

Never noticed how stacked the teacher was.

Kiriha transfers to Kazuya’s school. And that’s the end of the show. We’ll have to read the manga or wait for a second season—if one happens—to see what kind of insanity is bound to ensue.

End card.

Blu-Ray Volume 1

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Blu-ray Volume 1


Two lessons can be learned from this show: First, patience can reap rewards. And second, when you delegate your thoughts to your top head rather than your bottom head, you can recognize the full worth of something.

When Tsugamomo started, many of us were already feeling disappointment with the timidity of the service. I was ready to drop it until I recalled the times it made me laugh. I decided to give up my expectations, ignore my dick, and just watch the show for the slice of life, comedy, and action. In doing this, Tsugamomo took on a new form, and became much more interesting.

Just as some of us had gotten comfortable with our low expectations, the Tsugamomo Twitter—out of nowhere—posted redraws for their upcoming BD release. The ecchi community went crazy. It was confirmed that they were getting what they’d hoped for—full nudity.

Tsugamomo had many pros. The characterization, retro art style, and soundtrack especially were all solid for an ecchi anime. The one main drawback was the art quality, which was hindered by brief yet distracting inconsistency. Nonetheless, the flaws weren’t severe enough to ruin the fun. I mostly enjoyed this show, and I’d definitely watch another season of it if one was made.