Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 7

Episode summary: Lmfao!

Caps & Stitches (download png)

Starting off with some pantsu. Pretty good, pretty good.

Kokuyou-san is dressed for her part-time job to help pay for shine repairs.

More pantsu. It could have used more detailed, though.

Hnng! That fang! ^_^

This show loves bath scenes.

Hnng! That smirk! ^_^

Flashback with Kazuya’s father.

Kiriha has been in Kazuya’s family for awhile, and was the ultimate cock block.

What, they’re holding hands now?

Kukuri and Kokuyou move in.


Next morning.

They go to the Kanara Shrine.

They play a game to earn money.

Kanara turns out to be a pervert. Some of the cards grant money, while others grant her permission to do lewd things to the participants. This scene had me fucking dying!

WebMs (download)


This show gets better with each episode.

We have this to look forward to in the next episode.