Date A Live II Blu-ray Review Episodes 1&2

Double trouble ahead!

It’s finally time to start rolling out the Date A Live content again! Season 2 of this marvelous anime series adapts the 5-7th volumes of the light novel. However, episode 1 is mainly anime original. The first episode does bridge the gap between season 1 and 2 though. Origami’s actions during season 1 final did have some consequential blowback. Anyhow, the story truly picks back up starting with episode 2. The entire class takes a trip to Arubi Island. Shortly after their arrival Shido and Tohka are met with duo-typhoons. Kaguya and Yuzuru descend from the skies with hurricane force. These twin sisters are in a dead lock fight in order to become the true Yami. Previously they were one spirit but, they have broken into two and now fight to become the dominate personality once merged back. They have had 99 battles but no clear victor has ever been decided. Upon their 100th battle they decide the fight will be over who can seduce Shido first. Now shido must make the difficult decision of which girl to save. Finally, enjoy the work below!


Episode 1:


Episode 2:












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The next post will conclude the Yami sisters arc. I can say for certain that episode 3 will have more service than what was shown here so look forward to that. Not sure when the next posting will be since stitching for DAL takes 10+ hours but, work has begun on it so hopefully soon. Thanks for reading and viewing!