Usagi-chan de Cue!! fanservice compilation

One day, A girl named Inaba Mikami, is fighting on the rooftop and finds herself falling off the building, still protecting a rabbit. But instead of getting herself killed, she actually merges with the rabbit!

Usagi-chan de Cue!! is a heavily fanservice-themed manga and anime which received a 3-Part OVA by none other than PinkPineapple. Yet unlike almost the entirety of their catalog this isn’t a Hentai Title. Though their expertise in that area shows in a couple scenes. As for the show itself it is loaded with Fanservice. This is actually one of my personal favorite Ecchis. I love the Over-the-Top Character Designs, The Simple Plot, That Fight Scene in Episode 3 and Mimika. Though Miku is Best Girl.


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DDL: 480p