Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 4



Dungeon crawling with girls.


Not much service this week with most of it occurring during the middle of the episode. Though the problem is it takes every chance it can to block it out and not show it so no real reason to get hopes up for any changes on BD during this part.


As they are heading for the dungeon Diablo made so they can get the item to cure the disease Lumachina has they get stopped by Fanis and her army as he worries about a fught since he is low on hp and mp after the previous one. She asks if Diablo is the demon lord that Varakness told her is arriving in the previous episode. He doesn’t know who that is so he just tells her he is a demon lord from another world instead. Also Fanis isn’t injured here like she was in the manga since they skipped most of her scene with Varakness where he attacks her and thus her arm was wrapped up.

As they get ready to fight, Lumachina stops them and says that Diablo and the others are heading for a dungeon to get an item to stop the disease that is affecting the town and he isn’t a bad person. To prove this she shows her legs and the markings on them to prove they are really searching for a cure. Fanis decides she wants to know more about the item they are after then and orders her troops to capture them instead of killing them this time. Diablo casts an earthquake spell which causes her army unable to move as they run away.  As they are eating later that night Diablo thinks about how since Fanis was able to fly she was able to avoid the earthquake and could had shot them when they were running but she didn’t as he wonders why.

At Fanis’s place the paladin from before appears telling Fanis that he is from the church and is trying to find the head priest who is in the town. When she tells him that she left along with someone calling themselves a demon lord he tells her that person is tricking Lumachina and he only wants to find her to protect her. At that point a messenger comes in to tell Fanis that they tracked down the dungeon that Diablo was headed to with Lumachina as the paladin realizes he knows where to look now.


When they arrive at Diablo’s dungeon they start to enter only to be attacked by a monster guarding the entrance as Diablo kills it.  He knew it was going to appear since he built the dungeon but decides he will keep that a secret from everyone else. When they go inside Horn tells them each floor has some kind of gimmick they have to solve to get to the next floor. The first one is a maze but she has a map from the last time she was there but sees it doesn’t match up anymore as Diablo states that the floor randomly changes it’s layout to prevent maps from being used. He then decides to just destroy a hole through all the walls so they can reach the exit.

As they go through more floors they eventually get to a quiz floor where each person gets asked a question and getting it wrong causes them to fall closer to the lava. Since they kept getting questions wrong they are so close to it that the others have taken their clothes off due to the heat. When Horn is next to answer she gets it wrong as they fall even closer and now lose all their clothes to now be naked. With only one try left Lumachina is next to answer a question as Diablo worries she won’t be able to answer it since it’s about monsters and she has never left the church before but she gets it right and they are able to pass.

This scene is most of the service for this episode but doubting there will be any changes here on BD. They go to specific effort to make sure the girls always have their arms covering them and the only time nudity does finally appear is off screen when they all start cheering for winning as Diablo freaks out meaning that was the only moment nudity could be seen but of course it’s kept away from the viewer and only he sees it which the first season did at times as well. So nothing really to expect improvement wise from this.

When they get to the next floor they see a stage and the room filled with guerrilla monsters. Rem mentions how at the entrance the door had something about needing to put on a show to pass. Diablo remembers he created this floor when there was a crossover event in the game with another idol game and so he was able to create this floor based on that. He tells everyone that they need to put on a song and dance to appease the monsters and that he will be the producer and train them for it. Since they worry the only other option if they don’t is to be attacked by the monsters they agree to it.

After they put on a song they get claps from the monsters as the stage takes them down to enter the next floor as they continue on.

After fighting some monsters they get attacked by a worm summon which Diablo knows isn’t supposed to be there as he realizes a summoner must be nearby. After killing it they are then separated by another trap worm appearing to split them up. They then see the paladin from before appear as Lumachina calls him Gewalt. He uses the fact that Diabo and Rem are separated from them as the chance to kill Lumachina. When he gets ready to kill her Horn jumps at him knocking them both over the edge into the water as Diablo jumps in after Horn as the episode ends.

Also this week’s end card by the artist Ishike who does hentai if you want to search for more of their work.



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Not much service this episode and what we did get was kind of hard to see very well due to the whole bright red saturation used during the whole scene. Not like there is much to be gotten from the scene anyway since the way it played out with Diablo reacting to nudity at the end means they are indeed supposed to be blocking the nudity off the whole time except near the end as part of the joke which we can’t see. In regards to this whole blocking the nudity out thing next week is going to be the important one.

Next week should contain the scene where Diablo learns Horn is a girl when he takes her clothes off to dry her. In the volume version of the manga this scene contained nipples and is the only instance of nudity in the manga so far. So the question is what will they do for next week when we get to this part. Obviously we won’t see anything for the on air version but depending on how they approach the scene it will maybe give us a hint on if the BD will do anything different. After what we have seen so far with last week putting Fanis in a towel instead of being naked I don’t have much hope for Horn’s scene though. Besides that scene we will also get Rose added in to the group next week as well. They dropped the ball for last week’s episode which should had been something special so we will soon see if they will do it again next week which is the next significant one because of that manga nudity part.

If they mess up Horn’s scene next week that will pretty much mean Fanis’s scene later on will be a lost cause. The service in this season has really taken a dive compared to the first season now. Doesn’t help that the whole season feels like it is missing something that made season 1 good. Don’t really know what but don’t really feel the same impact that season 1 did. Also they recently announced that the Pekora cameo will be removed. Figures they have no problem changing that but will probably not bother to add nipples on BD. Why can’t there be a vtuber that is just a pair of naked breasts instead so they could had been a cameo instead of her.