Manyuu Hikenchou Specials Episode 3 Fanservice Review


I suspect no reader is unfamiliar with Manyuu Hikenchou, an ecchi series devoted to appreciating the glory of massive titties. OVA episode 3 takes that appreciation to an extreme, culminating in an epic lactation scene by the thicness queen Kagefusa.

If by some chance you’re confused about why this show is being reviewed ten years post production, my goal is to create high quality non upscaled media that doesn’t exist elsewhere.  This review differs from Wizards comps in obvious ways – screenshots, stitches, webms.

This, my friends, is a thicc  woman. Perhaps unfamiliar territory for those used to anime girls looking like 13 year olds outside of one or two buldging areas of attraction. Not many out there that look quite like her.

Kagefusa forces her underling to admire and massage her titties, cuz why not, and her wish is granted.

Lady Kagefusa is proof that bullying works. She wants a perfect tity massage – neither too soft or hard, and that is what she shall get.

Another challenging stitch that shows off the curves of Kagefusa. Well worth the effort.

Is this how fetishes start? Can go your whole life without lactatiing tities entering your consciousness, then be converted by Manyuu episode 3. Totally not speaking from personal experience btw.

Manyuu Special 3

As always, Chifusa is flawless and these specials present her in a slideshow static image format.

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