Variable Geo fanservice compilation

Variable Geo, the perfect way to make some fast cash. The victorious walk away with millions, and the defeated lose everything (namely, all their clothes).

Variable Geo also known as V.G. Adapted by KSS from a series of fighting games, The Series Centers around a tournament. Wherein the Winner takes home a large cash prize of ten billion yen. However, when a given waitress is defeated, they are required to publicly strip themselves of their clothing (self-fondling and public masturbation may be forced upon the loser, and in the most extreme cases, the loser is raped, either in private or in front of an audience), in order to teach the so-called “true” shame of defeat.

Well… the anime. Or at least this first OVA toned down the Penalty of Loss a tad. It is certainly not as extreme as the previous paragraph indicates. Overall this was a fun show with a couple great catfights and nice fluid animation. I made this to take a break from the upcoming Kiss x Sis (TV), and NEEDLESS! Remakes.


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DDL: 480p