Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 9


Adding a demon lord to the party.


This episode unfortunately seems to remove the leopard girl part altogether. As a result the only service we get this week is more Flare and Setsuna and a very minor thing with Eve. Also this episode serves as a good example on how different the manga is compared to the WN at times since there are scenes this episode that might seem off without knowledge of the WN. I’ll mention them when we get to it but this episode, the WN, and the manga all do different things here. So you might want to skip past the long text parts where I write about some of the differences.


Keyaru tries to do stuff to Eve after she challenged him last week but then stops when she yells out. When they are eating later Setsuna yells at her that it was rude for her to tempt him and then quit midway. She asks if Keyaru really is a good person and when he tells her he is and praises himself she points out that those who say that about themselves aren’t really good people. When she asks why he wants to help her he tells her how he wants Eve to become the demon lord so she can negotiate peace with demons and humans since the war between them is what profits the kingdom and is an issue for him.

All he wants as payment for this is the philosopher’s stone and that he and the others are strong enough to protect her. They don’t mention why he wants it but in the WN it is brought up in his inner thoughts a few times that he wants it so he can use it as insurance to reset the world again in the event he screws something up along the way. Eve eventually accepts and agress to join them.

Later on he asks Eve what kind of demon can she control because of her powers. The WN mentions that he asks about this because he thinks back to when he fought her in the first timeline and she summoned those flying creatures to attack them. He thought they were the demons she could summon but then realized they were really the souls of those from her tribe that died and she was storing in her wings which we saw in the previous episode. However since she can do that it also means she must be able to control demons as well which leads to him asking about it.

She tells him if she where to pass the trials she can control a divine bird from legends that has the ability to cure sickness and had once saved the world from a pandemic but it also has the ability to spread it as well and has wiped out a large amount of countries in the past because of it. After hearing this Keyaru realizes how much he wants control over something like that and tells Eve that she needs to get that ability. She tells him the bird is too dangerous and requires passing a bunch of trials and having to deal with a lot of diseases it may throw at them. Keyaru says not to worry because of his healing abilities and that she needs that power if she really wants to stop the current demon lord.

She accepts that but tells him the first trial is to travel around the whole world which means even if they were to do it then it would still be a long time till they would be completing the first task. When he sees Flare and Setsuna he tells them to keep watch as he is going to leave to see if he can gather information about those that attacked them last night. He changes his face so he won’t be recognized as Eve realizes that she hasn’t seen his real face as a result of his abilities. What happens next is completely different in the anime versus the WN versus the manga so expect a lot of explanation. They also don’t bring up something that is fairly important but even the manga skips this detail as well but in the WN we get this detail before he leaves.

It’s already been made clear in other episodes that they are toning down how crazy Keyaru is in the source as even the manga ignores this detail as well. But in short he wants to make a friend in the city just so he can let them die so he can justify going apeshit later on. It’s one of the many things that only the WN really addresses that demonstrate how deep down Keyaru is almost as bad as those he wants revenge against as he has no issue with letting innocents die to justify his actions. But the manga and especially the anime cut these details out in order to make him appear more heroic than he really is.

Keyaru visits the wreckage of the restaurant attacked last night. He then gets attacked by one of the minotaurs that was able to tell it was him because of smell. Eventually Keyaru hits the bull he is on causing it to run off with the minotaur as Keyaru heads back. This is where the episode has a lot of changes compared to the WN and manga. Long amount of text incoming

In both the WN and manga Keyaru decides to go to a cafe across the street so he can watch from a distance to see if he can learn anything. In the manga he meets the cafe owner which is a dog woman that runs the place. She was a manga only addition so her not appearing her made sense especially since her entire purpose for existing in the manga was only because a certain other character from the WN wasn’t in the manga and she was used as a replacement for him and his reason for existing. Here however in the anime this character does appear later this episode and will presumably serve the role he is supposed to so the dog cafe owner wasn’t needed for this purpose now. In the WN the cafe owner never appears and so Keyaru just sits down and orders food to eat without any new additional people met.

In both the WN and manga though while he is in the cafe he gets attacked by someone from behind which he is able to detect thanks to a skill he had copied from Kureha. The woman asks him to return Eve to him causing him to wonder who she is and how she knows her since Eve didn’t have any allies. During his fight with this person in robes it gets the attention of the minataurs whom attack both of them with the person in the robes also being called a rebel against the current demon lord by them along with Keyaru. During this Keyaru is able to knock the person out and escape with them leaving the minataurs behind. After taking their robes off he sees she is really a leopard from the leopard tribe.

He uses his heal powers on her to learn she is part of an organization that wants to replace the current demon lord with someone from one of the races that he is currently oppressing while eliminating any candidates from the races favored by the current lord. This is an important detail that really shouldn’t had been cut or this whole scene for that matter. But this explains a question people watching might have had which is how did Eve become the demon lord in the first timeline if she didn’t have Keyaru’s help. During this scene he speculates that it was probably this organization that made that happen and that Eve must had met them and gotten help in the first timeline which is how she won.

He realizes with this information he must not let her meet these people since otherwise she might become reliant on them which he can’t have. His plan requires that Eve view him as her only hope so he has to prevent her from getting help from anyone else. He doesn’t want to kill the woman though and even if he gets rid of her others from the group might follow so he decides he will make use of her but first wants to get revenge on her for what she did by using a new aphrodisiac he has been working on to test on her. He justifies this by saying her organization plans on using Eve and she did attack him and also that she was the one the minataurs were after not him so if not for her his eating wouldn’t had been interrupted. But more importantly caused that cafe to get damaged which had food he liked which now justifies his actions. Like I said before details like this getting cut out really alters his personality into not being as bad as he really is. This is a common thing throughout the story where he will attempt to convince himself that what he is about to do is justifiable using any reason he can think of to validate it. Removing this makes him seem more tame.

In the WN the scene with what he is doing to the leopard girl is skipped over and tells you the end result of his experiment and the same sort of applies to the manga as well in which he is shown about to start but then skips the scene in question. But in short he gives her the potion causing her to become massively aroused and then fucks her repeatedly during this. Here are some pictures of the manga to give you an idea of what we missed out on.


After he finishes with her he realizes that the potion he used was too strong and she is broken now and will be of no use to him to use as an information gather like he planned. He heals her but her mind is still broke so he commands her using her true name which he got during this to make her not tell anyone about him and to give up her pursuit of Eve as she agrees and leaves. After this he returns to the others after doing some shopping and the show and the WN match up again. The manga skips out on what happens to her after his test so only the WN explains it.

The removal of the leopard girl part is immensely annoying not just because it did have some plot importance but it gave us a good opportunity for them to expand upon her scene in the anime which the WN and manga just rush over. Is it possible they will rearrange this scene and rewrite it to appear later? Possibly but I’m not having much hope in that plus one of the important details from this scene was that new potion he was testing which becomes important later on in the episode. The thing that really makes removing this bad is that it would had given us some variety in the service content instead of more of the same which we are about to get next.

When Keyaru gets back he gives everyone the new clothes he bought for them as they start to change into them causing Eve to yell about it. When they tell her they don’t mind since they are Keyaru’s property he starts to take his clothes off as well. He then tells Eve to leave if she is just going to complain unless she wants to join in. She turns it down and runs into the next room.

While Keyaru is fucking Flare and Setsuna he notices that Eve is outside the room listening and touching herself to it and it will only be a matter of time till she wants to join in. This scene does happen in the WN so it isn’t new but the manga cuts the scene out completely so if you have only read the manga this might seem like new content when it’s not. As for why the manga removes it I can assume it was both for pacing reasons but also because of how redundant it is. The manga removes plenty of these scenes as there are still more coming up in the WN as well that the anime probably will adapt.

But there are so many Flare/Setsuna threesomes thrown in during the WN it gets old and boring really quick. In the WN it’s easy to ignore since it’s just like a few sentences but here with the anime we have to get entire scenes with content from characters we have already seen plenty of while others with little to nothing are ignored. This is why removing the leopard girl part was so annoying because at least with her we would see something new but with the Flare and Setsuna stuff it’s just like so what we have already seen them nude and fucked plenty of times at this point give me something new. Made worse when you consider it feels like they cut the leopard girl scene so they could use that time for this. Giving Flare and Setsuna screen time is fine by itself but not at the cost of others losing out on it. It’s like having the opportunity to eat something different for a change only to have it taken away and replaced with more of what you already are eating everyday. Sure we got the Eve content but it is so minor and short it doesn’t really have an impact.

There are still even more Flare and Setsuna stuff as well in the WNs so I’m expecting more of this especially since the purpose of these scenes is that Keyaru keeps forcing Eve to watch and listen in hopes it will cause her to submit one day.

Keyaru takes Setsuna with him so she can track down the camp of those minataurs so they can attack them. In the WN he had spices in the dagger he threw at the bull which he used to have Setsuna follow the trail but here she just seems to follow the blood smell. When they get to the camp he uses the aphrodisiac he made on the bull. This was one of the details lost by skipping the leopard girl part. Due to that scene is how he learned how strong it was and knew to use it at this point. While here in the show it looks like he just pulled it out of nowhere. This causes the bull to go nuts and it rapes one of the minataurs. When the others come out to see what happened and to kill the bull both Keyaru and Setsuna attack them and then throw them in a hole that she fills with ice to block them from getting out.

When they wake up they see their arms and legs are broken and can’t move. After Keyaru finds out from them that there are no others in town hunting down Eve he says that he will keep them locked down there for 2 weeks as punishment for destroying the restaurant. When they ask about food he tells them that is the point since they need to appreciate food since they had no issues destroying a place that served food he liked. He says they still can survive though if they eat the bull he threw down there with them but they also have to worry that the bull might get the same idea as well. As Keyaru and Setsuna leave they hear the bull has woken up and attacks them as Keyaru laughs as they leave.

This scene for the most part follows how it was in the WN which is why it would seem different to those that read the manga as that did things differently. The manga version skips the bull rape and no food in the hole part and instead has them attack the minataurs normally but the big change in the manga version is that he brought Eve along and convinces her to finish them off as part of her revenge as Keyaru starts laughing at how she is starting to become murderous. The anime however more closely follows the WNs version.

There are some details from the WN left out though. For example the way he knocks them out before throwing them in the hole is by using an experimental sleeping drug he made which he needs a living person to test on and he didn’t want to test it on the others so he uses this chance to use it on them instead. The purpose of this is that by doing this test he says he now has an easier way to capture people alive thanks to being able to test this out first and knowing it will be safe to use again. Another thing is when Keyaru asks about there being others there he does this as a test as he already knows that there are others after Eve from the night dog race and that the minataurs are just backups which is information he got from looking into the memories of one of them previously.

Since they lie about it he uses that to increase their punishment to the next rank. This is a game of sorts that he always plays in his head that the anime and manga skip out on. Keyaru ranks people based on revenge points which they earn based on what they do and depending on how many they earn will determine what rank of revenge he gives them and this lie is the last bit needed to make him do what he is about to do though he acknowledges that he was going to kill them regardless of if they told the truth or not. The other change is the punishment plays out differently. It is still the same but in the WN the bull is not put down there since the minataurs had killed it earlier. So instead he leaves the two of them down their alone and tells them that they can survive if they eat the other. This results in him walking away and laughing as he hears the two of them fighting over who should be the sacrifice.

They finally get an inn to stay at now that they don’t have to worry about being attacked anymore. During this Eve notes that they are all in the same room and she will have to hear them fucking all the time. Keyaru tells her to get used to it and that he won’t allow her to leave either since being in a different room would put her at risk and simply being outside the room would also result in the same risk so she best get accustomed to all their fucking.

 Wish the show was about going out to fuck random girls instead. Like the elf girl in red.

They go out shopping to get Flare a new staff and when they find one Keyaru notices there are problems with it resulting in Flare not being able to use the most of her power. So using his eye powers and healing he is able to remove what is limiting it as Flare is able to tell it can be used more effectively now. The shopkeeper asks to see it and is impressed he was able to improve the staff so well. He then makes a deal with Keyaru to give him back a third of what he paid if he does the same to two other staffs. Keyaru asks for half back and that he is smart enough to know how much profit the guy will get so he knows he is trying to screw him over. Impressed with Keyaru realizing this he gives him half for fixing the others as well as a new sword as something extra.

This character is someone from the WN whom the manga didn’t have since the cafe dog woman was used as his replacement in the manga instead. One thing the anime failed to bring up here though but I’m guessing maybe they will in the next episode is that in the WN Keyaru and this shopkeeper decide to make a deal to work together in order to make a profit. Essentially the two of them start to become friends after this and we do see him again as he agrees to take Keyaru and the others out around town later. I’m guessing maybe this stuff will happen in the next episode who knows. But this shopkeeper is supposed to be someone that Keyaru becomes close friends with or at least in the WN he does so who knows what the anime will do. Also and though this is minor and not too important the WN also mentions during this scene that the sword Keyaru had been using up till then was the knight captain’s that he had taken way back at the start which was already worn down pretty badly when he got it not to mention all his use he has gotten out of it. So as a result this new mythril sword he is given he is happy to get.

Though he isn’t acknowledged in this scene that looks to be Hawkeye in the formation so it appears like they didn’t cut him out at least.

After finishing up at the shop they hear people saying that a bunch of knights have arrived at the city and are running around. Keyaru tells Flare to leave while he goes to look and sees that Norn has finally arrived in the city along with the elite knights which he knows he will have problems with. He then sees that she has Blade along with her as the episode ends.



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After two weeks of the service being at the end we finally got back to it happening during the episode instead of the last minute. The problem though is that most of it wasn’t anything we hadn’t already seen at this point. There was Eve touching herself but you barely saw anything of that other than a transparent hand overlayed some other scenes. Most of the actual content this episode was just more Flare and Setsuna which at this point doesn’t feel like anything special anymore after how much it’s been shoved down out throats. The removal of the leopard girl part is the biggest disappointment from a service perspective because I would had much rather got content from someone new than two people that have already had an overabundance of content. If you really want to hold out hope it could be that they will rewrite that scene to occur later but it doesn’t seem like that will be the case as doing so would mess with the pacing based on where we are now so not expecting that though it would be nice if it did.

Next episode assuming it is the Blade stuff could be a major one on the level of episode 2 but after the track record we have seen so far I’m not getting my expectations high so I can avoid any disappointment if they skimp out on it. The next episode based on the title should be the Blade revenge as the title references when Keyaru changes himself into a girl. Though there is a chance they end the episode in the middle of it and it gets pushed into the following week. The major events we have left are the Blade revenge, the fight against Hawkeye and the stuff surrounding it, and finally the Norn revenge. With three episodes left they could fit those in separate episodes each but hard to tell. There are some other things such as Keyaru’s time with the shopkeeper and the underwear shopping with the girls they could throw in as well for time.

But the main things everyone is going to look forward to is the Blade and Norn stuff. The Blade scene especially since after they rushed through the Leonard stuff so they could probably save that time to give Flare and Setsuna content during that episode some are probably worried we could get the same thing happening again. Now after this episode where they removed Keyaru torturing the leopard girl while giving time to another Flare/Setsuna scene that adds another reason to be concerned. Hopefully that isn’t the case and they still do something decent with Blade’s scene but at this point I’m worried we could seriously get Blade’s scene rushed through all so they can use that time to give us another overdone Flare/Setsuna scene which there still are more coming up in the WN so they certainly have them to use. Hopefully that isn’t the case and they really go all out for both Blade and Norn. We will know next week assuming they don’t do something to push it into the next week.

I think I really will rage if they remove the Blade stuff or do a half assed job so they can give Flare and Setsuna more stuff. I don’t care for Blade but the fact that she isn’t Flare or Setsuna is why I want her scene to be intact. I really can’t stand the same girls getting all the content when there are other options. I really hate when this happens in hentai and only like one or two girls get all the scenes when their are others more deserving of it. I’m not even phased by the Flare and Setsuna stuff now because it has gotten so overused it lost it’s luster.